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When Parents Become Grandparents – Supporting Aging Parents

Becoming parents is very exciting for most couples. But it’s not just the two of you who will gain a new title and a bundle full of joy after giving birth to your first child. Your own parents will now be grandparents! Most people love becoming grandparents as it means that they will be able to enjoy having a young baby and child in their family again, but they won’t be the ones who are 100% responsible for it.

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One thing that many people realize when their parents do become grandparents, is that they realize how old everyone is. You will now be a fully fledged adult with a child, and your parents will be edging ever closer to old age. It’s not too difficult to imagine that you won’t just have a child to look after before too long. You might find that it becomes necessary to start supporting and helping your aging parents in their old age. Supporting your aging parents becomes very important.

To help you with this role-reversal, here are some great tips you can use to support your folks in old age.

Decide If A Care Home Is The Best Option For Them

One of the very first things that you need to think about is whether your parents would be better off in a care or nursing home for round-the-clock help and support. This could be especially beneficial if they are quite old and frail or suffer from an age-related illness. When in the care home, they will benefit from the help of nurses and other professional staff, which you might not be able to give to your parents if you work full-time and have your own kids to look after.

When you are looking for the best accommodation for your parents, you need to make sure that you don’t accidentally place them in a neglectful nursing home where they could end up suffering. The best way to find a good and reputable home in your local area is to ask friends for recommendations or to look online at the reviews. It could also be a good idea to do some research to see if there has ever been any legal cases against a care home over the level of care that they provide to residents.

Encourage Them To Lead A Healthy Life

As we get older, it becomes more and more important to lead as healthy a life as you can. Eating a nutritional and well-rounded diet ensures that the body gets plenty of nutrients and vitamins that can help prevent certain illnesses and health conditions. So, you should try to encourage your parents to stick to a good diet. If necessary, you might want to help them with their weekly grocery shopping and even batch cook a few dishes for them. As well as eating healthily, you should try to ensure that your parents are moving as much as possible.

Keeping physically active is also essential to good health. Ideally, your parents need to try to do about thirty minutes of active movement each day. This can be gentle exercise if they are quite old and frail. Not only does regular exercise help with physical health, but it will also keep your aging parents in good spirits as it can also be a great help for mental health as well.

Make Some Changes In The Home

If your parents are staying in their home for the time being, it could be necessary to make some changes so that they can get around a lot easier. Some adaptations will also help them with some daily tasks and chores around the house as well. For instance, adding a stairlift will meant that they have no problems going up and down the stairs. While some tech devices, such as smart thermostats gives them the opportunity to control their home’s central heating from wherever they may be in the house, so there is no need for them to keep walking back and forth to the thermostat.

Check Up On Them Often

It’s also a good idea to regularly check in with your parents. This is highly advantageous if one of your parents is living alone. Don’t worry that this is intrusive. In actual fact, your parent might be very appreciative of you popping in regularly, as it means that they will be able to chat with you and won’t get so lonely on their own. If you can’t always make it in person, you might want to give them a call every day or every other day to make sure that they are getting on OK in their home. Let them know that they should always reach out to you if they ever have any problems of their own.

Help Them With Their Medicines

One thing that some elderly people have trouble with is keeping track of their daily medicines. They can become easily confused if they need to take various medication on different days. Plus, some old people who suffer from a failing memory can often forget whether they have actually taken their daily medicine or not. Thankfully, you will be able to step in and help them out, even if it is just sending them a daily reminder. One thing you might want to do is buy them a pot for their weekly tablets. These weekly pots are often split into seven compartments, one for each day. At the weekend, you can split their weekly pills across the seven compartments so that they never forget which pills they need to take on which day.

Warn Them About Potential Scams

Did you know that the elderly generation are often targeted by scammers? That is because older people are often easier to confuse. So, it’s necessary to warn your aging parents about any potential scammers that could be out there. Ideally, you need to make sure that they don’t answer the door to anyone they aren’t expecting and that they always hang up on cold callers.

Hopefully, all of these tips help you successfully care for and support your aging parents!

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