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Ways You Can Supplement School On The Weekend

Working on the weekend is something nobody looks forward to, especially not our kids. It’s meant to be the time when school’s out, where there’s no bells to ring and having lunch can happen at any time of the day. However, using the weekend as a way to supplement school is great for making sure your child’s skills are as good as they can be, and that your kid can take on anything school throws at them!

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And it can be quite fun as well! So if you’ve got some spare time this upcoming weekend, and surely you’ve got a whole list of supplies on your side, so now’s the time to put them to extra special use.

Child doing a worksheet as homework on the kitchen table


Make a Schedule

It seems an easy step, but can be hard to implement. When you have a schedule to follow, tasks are easier to accomplish. So sit down with your child during the weekend and agree what’s going to get done and when in terms of extracurricular activities and homework. Make it a routine, and it will feel less like work, and more like a part of the usual day.  Voila! 

Try the Math Homework Together

When you’re working with your child, no matter if they’re still in first grade or edging towards a college application, you can help them through a lot of their school work. Math is something barely anybody enjoys after all, and if your child tends to complain about long division every now and then, it’s time to work together on it. Don’t let the new Common Core scare you.  There are many resources for parents to help their kids with math that are also fun.  My personal favorite is 

When you can approach a problem as a team, with a unified front to work through it until the job’s done, your child is going to grow up with much better motivation on their side.  Not to mention you can introduce rewards a lot better this way as well. When you’re supervising your child you know they’ve done everything they can to complete the work they hate, and thus they’re absolutely deserving of the shopping spree or takeaway dinner you promised them in return.  To break up the monotony, you may even want to take the homework somewhere fun such as the coffee shop.  And that can make it fun; something everyone needs to approach a hard task!

Even Think About Changing Schools

Remember those times when the school you were at didn’t feel all too right? Well the same can apply to your kids, and sometimes it’s not just a momentary wobble. So if you know your child hasn’t been doing well at their current school, the weekend is the perfect time to sit down together and have a talk about it. And if the decision to switch schools comes up, now is also the perfect time to scout out all the prospective places in the area.

The Virtual Public School

With the dawn of the digital age came the arrival of the virtual school.  This can be a wonderful option for some families, and works well for those students that don’t fit the traditional mold.  We have been schooling virtually for many years now, and it works quite well.  Your child still receives a free public education with all the same benefits, but is able to complete school at home on their own pace.  If your child has an IEP, this will still be in place in the virtual school.  Please keep in mind that in order for your child to attend one of your state’s virtual public schools, you must either have one in your district, or apply during open enrollment.  There are a few exceptions to this rule though, so if you are interested, I encourage you to check out the DPI website.

Open Enroll To A Different School In Your Area

With open enrollment time upon us, you may also want to check out schools that offer different programs to the one your child is currently.  You may want to look somewhere like the Lake Mary Preparatory School, or somewhere with less kids than the rest of the public schools in the area. Usually this means there’s a lot more time for the teachers to have one on one time with the students, which can give anyone who struggles a much better chance of success.

If you are looking for ways to help your child with their schooling.  There are many ways to supplement school on the weekends.  Hopefully these steps can help you!


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