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12 Valentine’s Gifts for the Family Traveler Under $40

With Valentine’s Day coming up very soon, are you still wondering what to get your family traveler?  There is always the old Valentine’s standby of candy and festive stuffed animals.  But, I think we all know what happens to all of that within two days of the holiday.  Believe me, we have done all of that in the past, but now we try to do something for our family that will last beyond two weeks.

We are a family that likes to be on the go, so if you would like some ideas on thoughtful gifts that are also useful, I can help you out.  I have worked to gather some things that we use to make getting around much more convenient.  Hopefully they will be great for your family as well!

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Hanging Travel Organizer

We use these to organize everyone’s toiletries and medications.  It is nice to have one convenient place to find everything each of us needs to get ready in the morning or before bed.  These fold down fairly small, so they fit in a carry-on or overnight back very well.  Because we travel with quite a bit of medications, each family member has their own organizer.  You can click the image for more details.


The Travel Wallet Organizer

This is a must have for any parent, as it keeps all your travel documents in one place.  I used to rummage through my bags each time I had to grab a document.  Now I keep everything in one location that easily stores in my purse.  With pushing wheelchairs, removing shoes, and getting out electronics, this little wonder is a lifesaver at the airport for sure.  For more information, you can click on the image.

The Carry-on Backpack

Our family has long since abandoned the wheelie carry-on bag.  We have replaced them with carry-on backpacks.  You might be surprised by how much you can fit into one of these.  I think it actually fits much more than regular luggage does.  The best part is that your hands are free.  For those pushing strollers or wheelchairs, this is a huge bonus!

The Luggage Shelf Organizer

This is an amazing invention that turns your checked bag into a collapsible drawer system.  Simply fold and put your wardrobe for the day in each level of the shelf and collapse into your luggage.  Once at your destination, pop up the organizer, and you will never have to rifle through to the bottom of your bags ever again.  Click the photo for more information.

The Small Items Organizer

Don’t let the pink fool you.  This one is not just for the ladies.  They do come in many colors, and I am here to tell you that this is the perfect little contraption to hold the smallest of items.  They work especially well for hearing aids and their batteries.  My husband is always looking for something that will store his extra batteries, and this works really well.  For more information, click on the picture.

The Airplane Sleep System for Kids

If you have ever been on a plane with a cranky, sleep deprived child, you will appreciate this next item.  This pillow is the exact right size to extend your child’s seat so that they can stretch out and sleep comfortably.  And that is something that every parent wants!  Tuck this in your child’s carry on, and when they are sleepy, simply blow it up!  Click the image for more details.

The Loaded Lap Desk

I have tried masking tape border lines, cardboard boarder walls, bribes of money and countless other things to get my kids to behave quietly in the car.  Give them each a lap desk and viola, silence.  It really is a beautiful thing, because I really hate having the kids plugged into the van TV or their electronics the entire trip.  This desk is for the artist in your family. It is designed to hold the contents of what I believe is an entire art studio.  For more information, click on the photo.

The Tween Travel Desk

This desk will work for kids of all ages.  In our car we travel with tweens and teens, and they all seem to love it.  Not only does this work for games and activities that don’t require electronics, it will store a tablet as well.  These are actually large enough for a laptop to fit inside, so for our travelling home school, it doubles as a school station quite often.  It has a drink holder and extra side pockets which are nice for meals and snacks in the car.  Click the picture for more details.

The Ultimate Diaper Bag

What does every good diaper bag have?  Compartments, and this bag has them.  I love this because it doubles as a backpack.  Hands free is the way I like to travel.  This diaper bag also has a special fastener to attach the bag to a stroller which I find very handy.   For additional details, click the photo.

The Personal Travel Fan

These are so nice when it is hot outside.  I have one girl in a wheelchair and one in a medical stroller.  It is truly amazing how much more warm they feel because of it.  We work very hard to keep them extra cool when we travel in the summer.  The nice thing about this fan is that it can attach to any stroller, and the blades are kept safely away from inquisitive fingers.  To see more, click the image.

The Squeeze Station Food Processor

This is such a money saver for the family traveler.  I don’t know about you, but I love the convenience of the new squeeze pouches.  I don’t really love the price though.  This is why this handy invention has my attention.  You can make your own pouches and have them ready to go in the freezer for when you need them.  I love knowing exactly what my daughter is eating, and when garden time comes, I can make her the freshest of purees.  For more information, click the picture.


If you are looking for the perfect gift for the family traveler, you have come to the right place.  I have a list of gifts that will not disappoint, and each item is under $40.


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