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Uncover Bible Heroes With the Kingdom Files by Barbour Publishing (Review)

Today’s television is full of heroes, and in our house, we love a good hero story.  We were one of the first to go see the latest Avenger’s movie and we are definitely looking forward to Part Two the next year.  However, we don’t just want to fill our kids hearts and minds with Hollywood’s heroes.  While there is a place for secular heroes and the lessons that can be learned there, our kids need spiritual heroes too.  Recently we were picked to review the Kingdom Files series by Barbour Publishing.  This series uncovers the heroes of the Bible. Here is what we found…

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Barbour Publishing

A Little Bit About Barbour Publishing

Barbour Publishing is a Christian Book Publisher that started under a different name in 1981.  Since then they have grown larger and now publish more than 120 titles each year.  They strive to offer affordable and accessible Christian books all over the world.  I encourage you to look at all of the great titles they offer!

The Kingdom Files

A Little Bit About The Kingdom Files Series

The Kingdom Files series is written by Matt Koceich and is designed to introduce kids to various heroes of the Bible.  You will find that each book is set up very similar and includes a fact file, clues, and a power file.  Additionally, these features will help provide your child with extra information about the Bible hero and also allows your student to apply what they read.

We found that the stories have a whimsical overtone that keeps kids interested, and every few pages there is an illustration to help kids visualize what is happening.  Even if your child struggles as a reader, he should be able to read these books easily.  Your child will find large print and easy to read language.

Bible Heroes

There are many titles to choose from, but for this review, The Homeschool Review Crew families looked at two titles:

Our family spent the most time with “Who Was Jonah?” but look forward to completing “Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus?” later on this school year.  After taking a peek at this title, I am sure we will have fun getting to see what life was like for Mary as she takes on the role of Jesus’ Earthly mother.

A Little Bit About How We Used The Books

For this review, I had my 12 year old son use the books as a personal Bible Study.  Although he has spent time in Sunday School and Wednesday night ministries, he is still pretty new to the amazing stories of the Bible.  He decided that the story of Jonah sounded interesting, and he began there.

The book is broken down into eight chapters with around 9 or so pages and nine power files.  This made it easy for my son to read a chapter twice per week and complete a power file with each chapter – leaving two power files at the end.  We encouraged our son to write a journal entry thinking about what was talked about in each power file.

In his first entry he wrote about what he thought Jonah’s life would have looked like if Jonah had listened to God the first time.  Each week our son was also asked to memorize the verse listed in the power file.  He seemed to really enjoy his time with the book and the power files really opened up our dinner conversations.  We are also looking forward to the next book.

Our Thoughts…

Seth (age 12)

“What I liked about “Who Was Jonah?” was at the end they gave you what was called power ups and they were lessons that you can take from the story and you can put them in your own life.  I also liked that they had two separate parts in how they told the story.  The first part was just the facts, and then they gave you the story in detail.”

Chris (Mom)

“These books are well written.  I really liked seeing the clues that help kids understand difficult concepts.  They are also written in easy to understand language, so kids don’t get bored or overwhelmed.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though.  Other Review Crew families have also been working to bring you a great review as well.  To check out these reviews, simply click on the link below.

Kingdom Files {Barbour Publishing Reviews}

If you are looking for a book series that will teach your children about the heroes of the Bible, try out the Kingdom Files from Barbour Publishing.  They are fun, educational, and well-written.  Your child will be introduced to some amazing characters from the Bible.  Kingdom Files are also a great way to get your family talking about the heroes that really matter.

Uncover Bible Heroes With the Kingdom Files by Barbour Publishing

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  1. Thank you so much for your time and kind words! I am grateful that you and your family enjoyed the Kingdom Files. It was a blessing to read your review. Praying that the Lord blesses your family!

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