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Typing and Math Practice With EdAlive (Review)

Typing is a skill that is essential in our modern world. With most of our communication being emails, texts, and instant messaging, typing is no longer optional. Math has never been optional, and so both of these skills are so important to foster in our children. That is why I was excited to be picked to review Typing Tournament Online and Maths Invaders Online from EdAlive. Here is what we found…

A Little Bit About Typing Tournament Online

Typing Tournament Online is an interactive typing program that provides users instruction and practice via fun games. This program has a medieval theme, so you will find yourself battling dragons and defending castles. Along the way you will earn rewards (printable certificates) to keep you motivated. Typing Tournament Online is designed for those age 6 to adult, so it is really for the entire family.

typing tournament

A Little Bit About Maths Invaders Online

Maths Invaders Online is also an interactive program, but of course it’s focus is on math. With a space theme, you may find yourself battling spaceships or other space invaders. This program is designed for those ages 5 – 15 and even beyond. For kids that love online gaming, they will be interested to know that you can actually compete against other students in an online gaming platform.

maths invaders

How We Used The Products

For this review, we mainly looked at Typing Tournament Online. Each week during the review, my son spent about an hour and a half working through the lessons and playing games. We broke this up over about three days, though we did not have him practice on the same days each week. He started out at about 22 words per minute with 96% accuracy, and currently he is typing around 40 words per minute with 98.7% accuracy.

This program is a bit addictive, and I did find myself having to work him off the computer. I love that the games are so fun that he didn’t really want to end his sessions. He really wanted to defeat the pesky dragon.


Our Thoughts…

Seth (age 13)

“My favorite feature of Typing Tournament Online is that you can choose your own typing speed goals, and then the program helps you achieve that. The games make practice more fun. This program is helping me reach my typing goals.”


Chris (Mom)

“These programs are great for kids that like a little competition to keep them motivated. For example, with Maths Invaders Online, you have to complete a series of math practice questions to “fuel up” for the next battle. If your child loves space and space themed games, this might just be the ticket to get them practicing. While I personally would not use Maths Invaders Online as my only curriculum, it is a wonderful and fun practice tool. With Typing Tournament Online, the program is comprehensive enough to be your entire curriculum.”

Typing and Math practice with EdAlive

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though. Other Review Crew families have been working hard to bring you a great review as well. To check them out, simply click on the link below.

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