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Truth About Life After Graduation

We all have some idea of what life after college will be like. If you are obsessed with the Hollywood movies, your hopes are probably pinned slightly too high. If you have an addiction to teenage angst movies, your hopes are probably too low. And if you have always listened intently to what adults who’ve “been there and done it” tell you, there will be a lot of gaps because these people tend to leave out a lot of what’s to come. We want to plug these holes. So, before you take your graduation cap off your head and fling it in the air (34 times before parents finally capture it on Instagram), here is a list of things no one told you about life after graduation (AKA: The Real World).

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  1. It’s Actually Really Fun

If you listen to someone in their late forties talk about the real world, you’re getting it from a dodgy angle. That is to say, they’ve now been working a job they loathe for twenty-odd years and wish they could do college again. The trick is to avoid these people when you start your job. They look at their job like the worst part of their life. It’s not. Jobs can be fun, meaningful and great.

  1. A Friend Will Be Super-Successful

Most people will leave college and take any job they can just to get on the ladder. That’s fine. That’s how most stories start. But there will be one friend who somehow lands an incredible job, moves to San Francisco, buys a convertible sports car in their first year, knows what IPO means and can pay for their own flat. It’s okay to hate them a little, but don’t get caught in the spiral of comparison. We all have our highs and lows, yours will come.

  1. There’s Soooo Much Paperwork

Student loans, taxes, 401Ks, healthcare, home insurance, auto insurance, apartment contracts – loads. And it’s like having to read the Apple iTunes T&Cs every time. But you have to stay on top of it. Make your loan repayments more manageable by using, keep all your contracts in an organized file, talk to your employer about your 401K and get a healthcare plan. Yes, it sucks, but it will suck more if you bury your head.

We all have some idea of what life after college will be like.

  1. Prove The Older Generations Wrong

As a millennial or Generation Z-er, you are going to be slapped with a label that reads “entitled”. Don’t accept that. In fact, prove these people wrong by asking questions at work, staying humble, seeking advice, wanting to learn and accepting you don’t know everything. You don’t. But here’s the secret no one tells you: neither does anyone else. The reason previous generations won’t warm to you, though, is because the technological era (and your understanding of it) scares them. Basically, we all need each other’s help.

  1. Don’t Ask About Remote Working

It is a brave new world out there and technology has made it possible for people to work from home and remain just as productive. That said, don’t ask if this is a possibility until you’re into month two of your job. Companies consider this a privilege, not a right. Just a little word of advice.

Truth About Life After Graduation

Life after college can be scary.  You have largely been sheltered by the adults in your life, and now it is time to break free and fly.  Life after graduation does not have to be stress, and can even be really fun.  Keep these tips in mind as you make that journey into “the real world.”

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