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Troublesome Teens And How To Homeschool Them

Raising a teen can be tough. As hormones come into play and the fight for independence begins.  There are sure to be some casualties. Your previously loving child will turn into someone you don’t always recognize. And what’s worse, the things they loved before might not be the things they love now. You may even feel as if you don’t know who they have become.  You may be scratching your head as to what will motivate them to want to learn new things.  Fear not!  We have some great ideas for those troublesome teens and how to homeschool them.  

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Plan for bumps in the Road

While the extent of the horrors these years bring vary, it won’t be an easy time. You can convince yourself it’s all part of growing up. But, that won’t help when they’re staying out without telling you where they are. In extreme cases, unfortunate parents even have to face their teen getting into trouble with the law. They have to spend nights worrying, and hours trawling the internet to find an experienced defense attorney who can bring their teen home. While these are the worst case scenarios, you can bet issues like these will spell trouble for your homeschool.

Yet, despite the struggles, there’s surprisingly little information about how to homeschool a teen. Which is why we thought it was an opt topic for today’s post. How can you keep your teen’s learning on track when they’re rebelling against everything? Planning for bumps in the road will help you keep your sanity and keep your calm.  Your teen is going to screw up sometimes.  It is part of the learning process.  They are still testing the limits, and this is quite normal.  Planning for this testing alleviates frustration and will make you a better parent.  

Engage their passions

In a school environment, teachers often spot and develop the things children care most about. You should do the same. While you don’t want to neglect other aspects of learning, focusing on this passion could lead to the best results. If your child loves art,  focus a lot of your lessons on this. Even if you’re teaching history, think of ways to incorporate art. If you’re still struggling to get them engaged, you could even use this as a reward system. Promise an afternoon on their art project if they manage to get all their maths work done in the morning. This kind of thing can be incredibly useful when all else fails.

Discuss learning styles

One of the main benefits of homeschooling is the chance to target lessons to your child. Admittedly, this can get tricky if you’re attempting to homeschool multiple ages, but that’s not to say it’s impossible. So, sit down with your teen and ask them how they’d like lessons to look. It might want to learn by doing. Or, they may prefer to read. We all have different ways of absorbing information. Asking your teen about theirs is a fantastic way to keep on top.

Get someone else on board

This is the stage at which your teen is breaking away from the family unit. As such, you could become enemy number one at times. If that happens, you’ll struggle no matter what you do. In these instances, get someone else onboard. It could be that you let your partner take over lessons for a while. Merely being taught by someone different could be enough to make your teen sit up and take notice. In extreme cases, it’s even worth asking fellow homeschool friends to get on board and assist your efforts. And, hopefully, over time, your teen will buckle down again.

Troublesome Teens And How To Homeschool Them

Living with a teen can have its challenges, and educating them can be even more of a challenge.  Thankfully those troublesome teens don’t have to be so troublesome.  In fact, if done the right way, homeschooling teens can be quite enjoyable.

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