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Transition From ZZZ’s To Back-To-School With Ease

Raise your hand if your kids will either be returning to brick-and-mortar school or your family will be going back to a more structured homeschool schedule! Back-to-school for us means that we return to a much more structured schedule. In part it to some of my kids going back to brick-and-mortar school, but a strict schedule helps keep me accountable as well. Every year, this transition is challenging. So, we practice!

Slow and steady wins the race

Back-to-school is even for homeschool families like ours. If your family has been off the routine for the last few months, don’t expect instant success. Good things take time, and so does reconditioning your body for new routines. In our house a simple change like daylight savings time can wreck us for a week or two. If you plan to take things slowly, your kids may not even notice they are getting up a couple hours earlier.

Begin going to bed and getting up 15 minutes earlier. Keep adding time until you are back at your regular school time. This may take a few weeks, so make sure to get started well before you plan to bein your year.

Have a game plan

Back-to-school tends to go much more smoothly if you have a plan. Tired, hungry and stressed do not make a great combination for family harmony. If everyone has a plan for when they can get into the bathroom, eat their breakfast, and get going, mornings become much more calm.

My daughter gets to shower first, because I have to help her. But, my son gets up a few minutes earlier to be able to get his medicine out of the bathroom first. That way he can be doing his treatments while she takes a shower. She dresses in her room so her brother can take a shower. Having a system in place makes everyones morning much more enjoyable, and we don’t end up delaying our school day.

Transition From ZZZ's To Back-To-School With Ease

Rewards are a must for Back-to-School Success

As we begin practicing our school year routine, we build in small rewards. I don’t mean monetary or tangible rewards like treats. What am referring to are back-to-school activities. For example, if the kids are ready in a certain amount of time, we go out to breakfast. During the school year, we reward the kids with fun activities later in the day. If school is done by early afternoon, we might go to the library, watch a five dollar movie, or go to the local children’s museum. We all like rewards, and by building them into your day, schedules and routines don’t feel so bad.

If you find yourself in a change of routine like back-to-school, try these tips to have a much more stressfree morning.

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