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Thinking of Sending Your Child to Summer Camp?

If you’re a parent and are sat on the fence about sending your child to summer camp, then now would seem a good time to make that decision.  After all, summer is indeed in full swing.  It’s always good for your children to immerse themselves in religion, from as many different perspectives and touch points as possible.  This variety will help them hone their own beliefs and feel more solid in their faith.  Similarly, just like how it can be helpful to get daily reminders via a Bible verse of the day devotional it’s important to keep immersed in your faith.   We need to remain focused on our faith even with such busy lives and distractions.

Can’t Decide About Sending Your Child To Summer Camp

With regard to Christian Summer Camps, they can be a good opportunity to help your child develop.  Camp quite often will increase your child’s confidence and develop his or her faith.  She may even find that she is part of a wider community and not alone in her beliefs.  Yet, camp can also lead to your child feeling homesick, bored, or a bit frazzled due to the intensity of such a new experience.  This can be particularly so if your child suffers from anxiety.

There isn’t one solution that fits all.  We’re all different, and you know your family better than anyone else.  If you are on the fence about sending your child to summer camp we can help.   Here are five reasons why camp is a great idea for your child.

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It’s important when letting your children out into the world that they are taught good values.  More importantly,  your child will be exposed to other people with a strong moral compass and aligned values at Bible camp.  The core values of young people tend to be formed in their adolescent years. This is at a time when they are likely to be exposed to a variety of external stimuli and a diverse mix of people.

At this age, some people don’t always know why they believe what they believe.  They even start to question things.  Being in a group environment of like minded peers is one of the best ways for your child to explore his faith.  Camp can provide this within the safety of a faith-based environment with other trusted adults to guide him.


A well organized christian summer camp allows your children to explore their faith and have some alone time with God.  The critical element of this process is that it allows our children to “own” their religion.  This is important so your child does not feel like she is being led down a particular path.  If your child feels like they are being pressured into your faith, they may rebel.  This immersive learning environment is not just about intellectualizing biblical teachings.  It is about integrating them with your child’s own personal values and psychology. 


At camp, children have the opportunity to develop interpersonal relationships that stretch beyond familial or church based circles.  This social expansion reinforces their faith. You will see your child broadening his horizons while retaining a familiar essence of belonging and unity.


Whether it’s sitting around the campfire singing “he’s got the whole world in his hands” with new friends or participating in activities like shelter building, obstacle courses, cooking outdoors and wilderness skills – the sense of community children get from being in such an immersive environment that’s specifically geared to exploring and strengthening their faith is very valuable indeed.


Children are impressionable.  However, having someone outside the family network to look up to and relate with is so important.  Having other trusted adults that you know will be a safe, positive and mindful influence is worth it’s weight in gold.  Not only will you know your kids are being looked after in a safe environment.  You will also know that their impressionable minds, often tainted by the fame and fortune of pop icons, are being nurtured and nourished with like minded trustworthy mentors.

Thinking of Sending Your Child to Summer Camp?

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