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The Advantage of Schooling Your Kids at Home

If you ask most parents why they home school their children, you will hear a litany of varied answers.  Most of them probably have something to do with having more say about what their children are learning.  While we do love that too, the reason we love to school at home is the pure flexibility.  Take for instance today.  We had a large April snow last night, and a lot of the area schools had a two hour late start.  Not our district though.  But, since we school at home, we decided to have a two hour late start on our own.  Here is what the flexibility of schooling your kids at home can provide.

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There are so many benefits to taking a break from your usual learning to do something fun

Enjoying the Beauty of Nature

Instead of having to trudge off to school, we were able to take in the beauty of this spring snowfall.  Yes, it is mid-April.  Yes, we are just as tired of the snow as everyone else. And, we do realize that there should be green outside instead of white.  However, we also know that this will probably be the last chance to play in that wonderful white stuff, and we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy it.

Do you wanna build a snowman?
Do you wanna build a snowman?

Outside Fun Can Be Educational!

There are so many benefits to taking a break from your usual learning to do something fun, and with snow, it can be educational too!  If you really don’t think you can take a break to just play in the snow, maybe the ideas in this post will change your mind!  Check out 6 Activities That Will Get Hands-on Learners Engaged to see just how educational playing in the snow can be!

A Snowboard Made Of Ice!
A Snowboard Made Of Ice!

Kids Need Respite Too!

As special needs parents we fully understand the need for respite, even if we don’t always get the chance very often.  If you are like me, sometimes I can forget that kids need respite too!  Life is just as tough for them, and they can get just as bogged down by life as adults.  This is when you can break out that homeschool tool of flexibility, and provide them with a respite break.  Did you get an unexpected snowfall?  Use it, and have a little fun.  Are the leaves falling outside?  Make a pile and jump in it.  Are the birds chirping and distracting your kids from their studies?  Go outside and do some bird watching.  It does not have to be a wasted day.  Just take an hour or two.  You might just be surprised at how much more focused your kids will be when they finish their break.

snow day

It’s Good For Learning

Having choice over when and what to study has been shown to increase learning outcomes.  Education Week magazine educates classroom teachers on the importance of letting students make choices about their learning.  As homeschoolers we do this naturally.  I don’t build my kids day.  Instead, they tell me their to-do-list and let me know what their plan is for completing their day.  This morning, our list included two hours of snow fun as the first item on the list.  No two days looks the same, and I think that it keeps my kids focused and motivated.

If you have been looking at homeschooling your children, and need just one more reason to push you over the edge, think about the flexibility it provides.  It has been proven that flexibility is so important to the success of our students.  With standardized classrooms, there is not much opportunity for flexibility.  With schooling your kids at home, you can provide the flexibility your kids need to find success.


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