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Teaching Your Child The Importance Of Achievement

Times have changed. What the youth likes today is almost nothing like the things the older generation grew up liking. There seems to be too much insistence on talent and not enough on skills and qualifications. Talent is something pertaining to something physical, like athletes and sport, or singing. That’s great if you have it, and you want to passionately pursue a career in that kind of industry. However, we need to teach children to value achievements in education, business, careers. Everyone is unique, and we should help our children value their skills even if they aren’t seen as glamorous.  Teaching your child the importance of achievement means so much more than winning the big game or painting the next masterpiece.

How Can We Help Our Kids With Achievement?

We find ways to foster the small achievements we see in our kids.  Many of us have to fight for and earn our achievements ourselves. Nobody helped us get where we are.  This does not have to be so for your child. Mentoring young people is tough but it’s rewarding beyond words. If we can leave the younger generation with a new avid appreciation for educational achievement, then that is a great start. We can also give them the tools and advice they need to succeed.  If we do this, we could foster a new generation of entrepreneurs and outside-the-box thinkers.

It starts in the home

Education and the love of learning always begins in the home. However, it could also be a place where child curiosity in education dies, because parents get too busy. We see this first-hand in the new movie, Christopher Robin.  He thinks sending his daughter away to boarding school is better than helping her at home.  This only teaches kids that we don’t care about them as people, only achievements.  They need to know that we are invested in them as well as their education.  We can do this in many ways. 

Reading bedtime books, helping them with their homework, doing simple mathematical and logical exercises together, are all the things young children need from you. But how do you foster the love for education when we they struggle with schoolwork? The best advice I can give is to be there.  Walk the journey with them, and praise even the tiny achievements.  If they know you are fully in their corner fighting along side them, they will build confidence. It’s a psychological boost for them, knowing that even if they get the answer to a question wrong, their loving father or mother will correct them while giving them encouragement to not give up.

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Marking achievement

Consider the way we treat sporting achievements to academic achievements. We have large shiny trophies that we openly display in our homes so that guests can come over and notice them. We hold a high prestige in that kind of victory, and rightfully you want to show it off. But academic achievements often go unnoticed because no one wants to make a big deal out of them. You get a certificate and you neatly place it in a folder and leave it at the bottom of a cabinet or wardrobe. Instead, you should be making a big deal about it, so that your children know they have done something amazing, and they should never forget it.

To do this you need something tangible, something they can touch and see. Award plaques are something that seeks to honor and celebrate this kind of achievement. You can decide what kind of design you want, whether it be the American eagle, a shield, a square or marble board, etc. Matching the certification, this award can be displayed in your home, or in your son or daughter’s bedroom. It reminds everyone that the educational attainment is a powerful accomplishment.  This can be especially great for kids that struggle to make passing grades.  They tend to fall through the cracks when it comes to rewards.  You know their struggles and you know how much they have worked for what they have.  So why not make something to commemorate all that hard work, right?

Teaching Your Child The Importance Of Achievement

Teaching your child the importance of achievement goes beyond sports. Use what you have to get ahead. If your children have talent in sports and the performing arts, then encourage them to pursue their goals. However make sure they know that education is something that will give them acknowledgment in the professional world, and they should be proud of those achievements also.  Wherever they are on their journey, make sure to help them see and value their achievements.  

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