Christine A Howard

Taming the Grocery Shopping Beast

A Way to Save Your Sanity and Your Wallet!

One of the biggest household expenses right behind the mortgage and the car payment is the grocery shopping bill.  Since we can’t really adjust the other two items, shaving money off of the grocery bill becomes even more important.  Lucky for us, it is really not that difficult to shave literally hundreds of dollars off of our grocery budgets each month.  By following some very easy principles, we can literally give ourselves a raise.

If you have an idea or suggestion that makes grocery shopping a whole lot easier, let me know in the comments!

My best tips for creating a grocery plan that will not only work for your family, but you will actually stick to are as follows:

Staying out of the grocery store.

– Limit your grocery store trips

– Know how the layout of the store gets you to buy more

– Avoid the marketing trap

Storage solutions

– Using your kitchen space wisely

– Getting creative with storage

– Keeping your storage organized

Menu Planning 

– Make a menu plan and stick to it

– Grocery shop in your own kitchen

– Use the store ads in your menu planning

– Make a usable grocery list

Freezer Meals

– Use the freezer to lessen your grocery bill

– Organize the freezer to save money

– Stock the freezer for the unforeseen

Knowing where the deals are

– Shop smarter not harder

– Shopping is not a one store affair

– Online shopping is an option

Coupons are not always the answer

– Avoid coupon traps

– Store coupons vs manufacturer coupons

– Maximize your coupons

– Store brand may be better

Budgeting, especially for the big stuff

– Plan a realistic grocery budget

– Stick to your budget

– Budget for the big ticket items

Knowing what the sale cycles are

– Purchase things at the time of year things go on sale

– Utiliz after holiday sales

– Make sure to buy on sale

– Learn the habits of the stores you shop frequently

Making a realistic grocery shopping plan for your family is like giving yourself a raise.  Who would not want a raise, right?  If you follow these simple steps, you too can have that great money saving plan too!  If you would like to know more about how to build a solid plan, you may want to check out my e-book “Taming the Grocery Shopping Beast” on Amazon.  Click the link below to learn more.


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