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Surviving the Rainy Season in a Wheelchair

If you are like me, you have had enough rain for a very long while.  Unfortunately, more rain is in the forecast, and I kind of feel like I should invest in a kayak so I can at least get to the grocery store.  That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I did make sure we all have umbrellas readily available at all times.  That is when I realized that I didn’t have something that would work for my daughter’s wheelchair.  So, I did what most moms do in this day and age, and I went shopping on Amazon.

I was hoping that someone would have a rain poncho that would cover not only my daughter, but her wheelchair too! What I found was that most rain ponchos made for wheelchairs are ridiculously expensive, of course. I was almost ready to try and make my own, when I found a poncho that I wouldn’t need to take a loan out to buy.  The Airmed Poncho is a reasonably priced poncho that actually works much better than the more expensive ones.

Most ponchos tend to fly up in the wind, but the Airmed poncho is gathered at the bottom to keep the poncho in place even when it is windy.  The sides of the poncho are rounded, so they won’t get caught in the wheels.  It is made of a heavy polyester, not plastic, that has the feel of a nice raincoat or windbreaker. For my 14 year old daughter, even her feet were covered the last time we used it.  It comes with it’s own carrying bag, and because it is not plastic, it drys very fast.

We are an on-the-go family, and so we will definitely be putting this to good use this summer.  And, when we visit Disney World this fall, it will ensure we don’t have to miss the action for a little bit of rain.

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