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The Spring Cleaning Chores You Might Not Remember

Spring is here, and you know what that means.  It’s time to don those rubber gloves, grease your elbows and start giving your home a proper spring cleaning.  This is a great learning project for your kids too!  Make it a family affair and it can actually be a joy.  Your kids may not appreciate learning these things now, but believe me, they will truly appreciate it when they are older.  

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It’s important to give your home a deeper clean that you usually do once in a while.  This ensures that dirt and grime don’t get the chance to build up. You of course don’t your home to get where it’s detrimental to your living space and your family’s health and well being, and spring seems to be the perfect time to do this what with its themes of renewal and starting afresh again.


If you’re planning to spring clean your home this season, if you want your home to look amazing and feel as comfortable as possible, you’re going to want to make sure that you don’t neglect to do these commonly forgotten spring cleaning chores…


Checking Your Cleaning Tools

If you neglect to check the quality and safety of the tools and products, such as Albachem cleaning fluids, that you use to clean your home, then you could end up doing more harm than good. Most of the time, you’ll be fine, but some tools can cause staining or corrosion when they are old, and out of date, so please do make checking them the first spring cleaning chore you undertake.


Clean the Lint from Your Dryer

This one is so commonly forgotten and so very important because it can actually be a fire hazard! So, make sure that you put cleaning the vent, lint trap, filter and hose of your dryer at the top of your priority list. Doing this will not only ensure that your appliance is safe, but it should also extend its life and make it more efficient to use, which will mean that you will save money on your power bills too, especially if you use your dryer a lot.


Clean the Washer

Of course, it’s not only the dryer that needs to be cleaned – the washer needs to be given plenty of attention too. It’s amazing how many people almost never clean their washer when it spends so much time cleaning their dirty laundry. That thing can get pretty smelly if you leave it too long. So, purchase a package of washing machine cleaner and let it do its stuff. It’s so easy to clean your washer that this is one chore that won’t take up too much of your time and energy.


Clean the Refrigerator’s Apparatus

You probably take the time to remove any expired food and clean down the inside of your fridge – the shelves and drawers, etc. – but do you take the time to clean its coils? The fan? The gasket in the door? If you don’t do any of these things, then you are making a mistake because it’s so easy for dust and debris to gather in these areas and they can cause your fridge to become less efficient, generate more heat and eventually fail. Giving them a good spring clean will prolong your fridge’s life and make it more efficient to run.


Check Your Smoke Detectors

Spring is the perfect time to check that your smoke detectors have a working battery inside them. It is also a pretty good time to give them a quick wiping down with a damp cloth, just to ensure that they can keep working to the best of their ability.


Switch Out the Furnace Filters

If it’s tough, or even impossible, to see the light through the filter on your furnace, it’s a pretty clear indicator that your filter needs to be changed. If you fail to do this, the air might not be able to flow as freely as it should an that could cause your furnace to stop working, So, check it during your spring cleaning and continue to keep checking it at least once every month from now, to ensure you have a fully-working furnace at your disposal.


Treat Your Pets for Fleas

This is not strictly a chore as such, but it does affect your home in that it could lead to an infestation of fleas if you don’t do it. It is, of course, more important that you treat your dogs for their own sakes because fleas are pretty nasty, So, buy some Advecta 3 and apply it as directed, Do this regularly as per the instructions, and those spring fleas will stay out of your way.


Clean the Lights and the Bulbs

Another chore that it is surprisingly common for spring cleaners to forget is those relating to the ceilings in your home. The ceilings and your light fittings and fixtures, in particular, can gather a lot of dust in a relatively short amount of time. So, get up there and dust the ceiling before cleaning it with a damp cloth, do the same with your light fittings and bulbs too. Not only will they sparkle more, but they’ll be at least 20 percent more efficient at lighting up your home when you’re done, too.


Clean the Winter Clothing and Sheets

You would think that this is a no-brainer, but a lot of people put the winter sheets and clothing that haven’t been in immediate use into storage without cleaning them first, This is a bad idea because they are going to be staler than they need to be. If you launder them one last time before vacuum packing them away, when you open them again, they will be amazingly fresh and immediately ready to use. That is the smart thing to do.


Cleaning the Kitchen Cabinets

Unless they’re made of glass or chrome and it’s easy to see the dirt, grime and other stains on them, a lot of people do not worry about giving their kitchen cabinet doors a spring clean, but even if you can’t see it, that grime is there waiting to eat away at your doors’ finish. So, make a note on your spring cleaning list to wipe them down too.


Spring cleaning can be both educational for your kids and fun for your whole family.  Now, get cleaning and keep cleaning if you want your home to be sparkling this spring and beyond.

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