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Special Needs Learning with The Starfall Home Membership a Review

Are you looking for a fun, interactive early learning platform that can travel with you on the go?  I know that we were, and that is why I was really glad that our family was picked to review The Starfall Home Membership from Starfall Education Foundation.  This has been the answer to our prayers!  It covers pre-K to 2nd grade in such a way that my daughter doesn’t feel like she is doing schoolwork.  It comes in an online platform that can be accessed via a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.  This means that learning can happen at the doctor’s office, at the grocery store or anywhere else that you happen to be.


About The Starfall Home Membership

What it is…

The Starfall Home Membership is a low-cost, online learning platform designed to provide practice with Math and Reading concepts. Kids will love the feel of The Starfall Home Membership, as it is games and activities based.  It covers pre-K to 2nd grade, and is supported across numerous digital devices including IOS, Apple, Android and Amazon Fire.  There are also worksheets and activities that can be printed, so that not all of the learning needs to be done via the internet.


The founder, Stephen Schutz, desired to make learning fun and easy for all children.  He remembered his learning difficulties, and wanted to make sure that children had quality learning tools available to them.  Because of this, Starfall Education Foundation has worked to keep their resources Family affordable.

When you choose to subscribe, you will receive access to the learning platform for 365 days.  The membership can be used by anyone within your family.  Students may feel as if they are simply playing an online game while they use The Starfall Home Membership.  This is partially true.  They are playing games, but each of these games helps to solidify a learning concept as well.

What it is not…

This is not a complete homeschool curriculum.  Although they do have complete curriculum sets available in their online store.  Please do not think that this is the only resource you will need to teach your early learner reading and math.  This is a wonderful tool to be used along side a curriculum to practice reading and math skills.  Because this program is designed so your student can practice their skills, there are no tests or quizzes.  There is a parent section to the program, but there is not a tracking program to check on progress.  You should be near your child while they practice so you can see how well they are doing.

The program meets the Common Core State Standards.  Please do not let the words Common Core scare you off.  Yes it meets the standard, but no this is not Common Core curriculum.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that the program itself does not look like Common Core at all.  However, knowing that it does meet the standards gives me piece of mind.

Starfall Common Core Standards

When homeschooling, it can be difficult to determine if your child is on track with others at the same level.  Since The Starfall Home Membership meets state standards, I can easily see where my student is in her learning.  I really like knowing where she falls in relation to other students across the state.

Preschool and Kindergarten

The Starfall Home Membership begins with preschool concepts and moves up to second grade.  In the early games and activities there are a lot more helpers available to the student.  For example, with the early reading, there are pictures in place of some more difficult words.

Preschool Math

Rather than adding and subtracting numbers, the student is given pictures.  There are also helper hands and sparkle stars that will point to where the user should click next.  This is especially nice for those that are not yet reading.

Kindergarten Math

First Grade

As the student progresses into the first grade level, the helpers are less frequent, and the concepts naturally become more challenging.  More numbers are used in the math equations and there are no pictures replacing the words in the stories.  The individual words or whole sentences can be read to the student though.

First Grade Math

Second Grade

The most challenging level is of course second grade.  Here the student is expected to complete more complex math problems, and the books do not read for you.  Instead they will read an individual word that the student may need help with.  I like that the progression is there and that it is gradual.  Students are free to work at their own pace, and since nothing is graded, games and activities can be repeated for mastery.

Second Grade Reading Starfall

Second Grade Math Starfall

How We Use The Starfall Home Membership

Our daughter is fifteen, so she is not the typical user for this program.  However, it is a great fit for her, as she is currently working on the skills covered by The Starfall Home Membership.  While the platform is designed with little ones in mind, older students will find that it is not overly childish.

As I mentioned before, this program is designed to give students practice.  This is great for us, as we do not need a complete curriculum anyway.  Our daughter goes to brick-and-mortar school, and she uses this as a supplement at home.  Because it aligns with state standards, she is practicing the exact same concepts that she is learning in school.

Typically we have our daughter practice via the computer for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday.  On school days she completes a worksheet or two when she returns home.  When we are on the go, she brings her tablet and accesses her learning where ever we are.  Her favorite games are the Let’s Add Potatoes and the C-A-T Word Machines.  She also really likes the stories that can be read to her.   We created a few videos so you can see how fun and easy the program is to use.

Click on the pictures below to watch!


Our Personal Reviews of The Starfall Home Membership

Ruth (age 15 – cerebral palsy)

“I like the number games.  I like the letters and making words.”

Ruth’s Special Education Teacher

“I can tell when Ruth has been working on her computer and doing her games on the weekend.  When she comes back to school she is faster and knows what we were working on in school better.”

Chris (Mom)

“I love that my daughter can be fairly independent with this program.  Although I am close by, I do not have to run the programs for her.  It is easy enough for her to use without much assistance.  I would like to be able to turn the helpers off once in a while, as my daughter has figured out that if you tap the screen, the computer will tell you the answer.  We have curbed this by making her use a pencil to touch the screen when counting and such. Overall I really like this The Starfall Home Membership.”

More Awesome Reviews

If you would like to see more reviews, check out the Review Crew site.  There will be lots of great information on The Starfall Home Membership.  Simply click the link below.

The Starfall Home Membership {Starfall Education Foundation Reviews}



If you would like an engaging program that will provide your early learner plenty of practice with math and reading, The Starfall Home Membership could be right for you.  I would highly recommend checking them out!

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