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Special Needs Homeschool Review of Wulf the Saxon Audio Book

Special needs homeschoolers, finally there is an audio book series that will have your children engaged and listening.  With my son’s dyslexia, we have tried numerous audio books, and they are always dry and lifeless.  That is until we were asked to review Heirloom Audio Productions and their adventurous retelling of G.A. Henty’s, Wulf the Saxon.

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this audio book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reviewing this product.  Click Here for my full disclosure statement.

What is Wulf the Saxon About?

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Wulf the Saxon, it is an action packed story recounting the tale of a young thane named Wulf.  Though Wulf is just a young man, he finds himself performing heroic tasks and befriending a king.  Throughout the story we are taken with on a shipwreck, a harrowing escape and many great battles.

Spoiler Alert!

One of our families favorite parts is the shipwreck off the shores of Normandy where Wulf and the future king, Herold, are captured and taken captive.  Wulf makes a brave escape to warn of the capture and ultimately makes sure Herold is freed.

The stories of old typically do not have many tales of brave women, so we were pleasantly surprised to hear of Herold’s wife, Lady Edith, and her fearlessness in the face of adversity.  She bravely gives up her husband and goes away with the hope of political diplomacy.  Again we see her bravery after Herold’s death.  Though men desperately tried, no one could find Herold’s body among the dead.  Upon hearing this, brave Lady Edith goes herself to find his body so he can have a proper burial.

Wulf the Saxon

Why Choose Heirloom Audio Productions?

As I mentioned earlier, we have tried numerous audio books.  Usually they are told by one person and not very interesting. Not with Heirloom Audio Productions.  They have a full cast of experienced voice actors that bring the story to life with the same spirit of the radio programs of old.

My son was not very eager to try out “Wulf the Saxon” after all of the other audio book disappointments.  Within minutes of listening, my son sat up in his seat, smiled and said, “I think I am going to like this!”  This is not a story being told, it is a story being brought to life.

Heirloom Audio Productions

How We Use “Wulf the Saxon” in our Homeschool

With three medically complex children, we seem to be constantly running to appointments.  I know there are other special needs homeschool families who are in this boat with us.  It can be so difficult to keep up with lessons when several times a month we have to travel to doctor appointments.

This time we popped “Wulf the Saxon” into the car CD player, and suddenly our car became a classroom.  As we listened, we would discuss the parts that interested us. The kids were amazed how much Wulf was expected to do at such a young age.  They also enjoyed comparing life in 1065 to life in the present.

Our family concentrates on just a couple subjects at a time, and right now one of them is history.  We built some lessons around this time period.  When we were finished with the lessons, we listened to the audio book to help bring this period to life.

Will My Children Like Wulf the Saxon?

Though I cannot speak for all children, I can tell you that this is an action-packed story that even has a splash of romance.  Here is what my kids had to say about Wulf the Saxon.

Zachary (age 15)

“It was a nice story.  It was very well told, especially when they spoke in the proper English from during that time.  This was better than listening to William Shakespeare.”

Wulf the Saxon


Seth (age 12)

“I liked the storytelling, because it is very descriptive and the narrator speaks with emotion.  This is good for people who like adventure or history, because it has a lot of action.”

Christine (mom)

“I thought is was well done, and engaging.  I liked being able to utilize the time in the car for school.  This story is well suited to older elementary through high school.”

What else does Heirloom Audio Productions offer?

Heirloom Audio Productions offers numerous titles within their Audio Adventures series.  There is also an online resource called Live the Adventure club.  With this you not only get the audio adventures, but you also have access to wonderful resources too!  Right now they are offering a 30 day free trial and the CD adventure Captain Bailey’s Heir for free with paid shipping.  I highly recommend checking this out, as they have a digital download option for those that don’t want CDs.

Heirloom Audio Adventure Club

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