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Say Hello To STEM Play With Brain Blox Building Planks (Review)

One of my true joys in parenting is being able to make my kids play educational. I am always on the lookout for toys and activities that are not only fun, but get my kids thinking as well. This is why I was so excited to be picked to review Brain Blox Building Planks by Brain Blox. Here is what we found…

A Little Bit About Brain Blox

Brain Blox is a family run business with the mindset that children should be allowed to play and explore their world. They also encourage parents and educators to play right alongside their students. The Brain Blox products help families learn to build connections by unplugging from their screens and turning on their imaginations.

A Little Bit About Brain Blox Building Planks

Brain Blox Building Planks have a very simple concept with endless possibilities. At their core, they are simply what the name implies – wood planks. But, with a little creativity, ingenuity, and thinking they can be transformed into anything. We were given the 200 Plank set, which included the following items.

  • 200 New Zealand Pine Planks (approximately 1/4 inch by 4-3/4 inches)
  • A Large Cloth Drawstring Bag
  • Instruction/ Ideas Sheet
Brain Blox creations

Each plank is well sanded and quite smooth. They are unfinished and would not fit in a choke tube, which means they are safe to be around little ones with close supervision. Although the planks are tightly packaged in a sturdy box, the addition of the drawstring bag is a nice touch. I am not certain I could have replaced all of the planks back into the box without some difficulty. However, the bag is sturdy enough to hold all of the planks and makes clean up very easy.

We loved having the instruction/ idea sheet to get us started. Without it, we would have taken a bit longer to get started. Once we began though, new ideas were sparked and our imaginations were running at full speed. We had a lot of fun seeing what everyone had created.

How We Used This Product

This has become a very popular item in our house. It even travels frequently to grandmas house for Sunday dinner. This is where our adult kids have also enjoyed making a few creations. We have created mazes, furniture, towers, sunbursts, and even a replica of the Parthenon.

More creations

We sometimes struggle with being able to find activities that meet everyone’s abilities. Since Brain Blox Building Planks are only limited by the imagination, they are great for families that have differing abilities like we do.

Below, we have a short video. You can see just how diverse you can be with these planks, and how they really do work for everyone.

Our Thoughts…

Zach (age 17)

“I think they are great! You can do any creative thing with the planks, and they are fun to play with.”

Ruth (age 16)

“Brain Blox Building Planks are awesome! You can stack them, make shapes with them, and lots more things.”

Seth (age 13)

“I love the Brain Blox Building Planks, because the are like Legos, but they are more free with what you can do with them. The idea booklet that came with them has a lot of ideas that really made the planks fun. It also helped to inspire me to make other creations.”

Jeff (Dad)

“The Brain Blox Building Planks keep kids, and they will sit for hours and build different things. Our kids built the projects in the idea booklet as well as their own creations. It helps to increase their imagination and creativity.”

Chris (Mom)

“I love how many ways you can be creative with these. They really keep the attention of our kids. If I let them, our kids would literally sit with them for hours. Typically I am hurrying them off of electronics, so it is fun to have this problem with something like this.”

Say Hello To STEM Play With Brain Blox Building Planks

Review Crew Thoughts…

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