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Reading Practice With Workbooks From Reading Eggs (Review)

Every parent knows just how important it is for their children to be good readers.  That is why most of us stress over finding the right reading curriculum for our budding readers.  In our homeschool, reading programs must be engaging and fun or my daughter will lose interest pretty fast.  Our family was picked to review the workbooks from Reading Eggs and found them to be a great supplement to the already engaging program.

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Online Reading Eggs Suite

A Little Bit About Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an online reading curriculum that will take a student from non-reader to reader.  This program is designed for ages preschool to about age 13.  Reading Eggs is game-based, so children don’t really feel like they are learning.

For those of you that may have used Reading Eggs with your children in the past, you may be interested to know that they now have workbooks to complement the online program.  We were able to review the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Kindergarten.

A Little Bit About the Workbooks

My daughter is fifteen, but due to some special needs and growing up in an Eastern European orphanage, she is quite behind in her schooling.  She just finished her Kindergarten year this past school year, so we thought it would be great for her to complete the Reading Skills for Kindergarten to keep up her skills over the summer.

Online Reading Eggs Suite
The workbooks are colorful, engaging and work nicely with the online program.  Like the online version, the illustrations are age appropriate and are used to help the student retain what he or she is learning.  The workbook provides the writing piece that is lacking with the online program.

Reading Eggs suggests that students progress slowly through the workbook to allow children ample time to digest the skills being practiced.  Each day, we had my daughter work through one page, which took her about 20 minutes.

reading eggs workbook

Each new page has the new concept as well as practice activities that incorporate earlier concepts.  This seemed to help my daughter feel more confident.  We love that the illustrations and learning activities are the same throughout the workbook.  Since my daughter isn’t reading yet and her native language is not English, this repetition made it possible for her to complete some activities without any instruction from me.

Our Thoughts…

My daughter actually looks forward to her time in the Reading Eggs workbook.  If I let her, she would do more than one page per day, because she is having so much fun.  The workbooks make Reading Eggs a more well-rounded reading program.  Sometimes it is just nice to have an offline way to practice learning concepts.

Ruth (age 15)

“It’s good.  I like doing the worksheets and learning my letters.”

Chris (mom)

“I really had never looked at Reading Eggs to be a complete language curriculum prior to having the workbooks.  Now that there are workbooks, it seems complete.  The workbook provides the writing practice that every good language curriculum needs.)

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take my word for it though.  Other Review Crew families having been working hard to bring you a great review as well.  To see them, click the link below.

Online Reading Eggs Suite {Reading Eggs Reviews}

If you are looking a little more practice to go along with the Reading Eggs program, look no further!  The workbooks from Reading Eggs will provide your child the extra practice that you are looking for.

Reading practice with workbooks from Reading Eggs


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