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Preparing Your Family For A Loving Life With A New Pet

Maybe you’ve been thinking that it’d be good to bring a pet home right now. You’ve had more time at home, you know you can work remotely from now on, and you want to give the kids something bigger and better to focus on. No matter why you’re thinking adopting a new pet would be a good idea, you’re going to need to make some serious and proper preparations! 

So, you’re about to bring a new pet home, and you want to be sure it has the best start in life with your family. You want your life together to be long and loving. You also want to be sure your kids are growing up with a loving and friendly companion for as long as possible. 

And with all that in mind, here are a few pointers on how to prepare your home and your family for life with a pet. If you want to be sure that a new pet integrates into your family with all the love and care that it needs, be sure to keep them in mind. 

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Your child and their pet could be the best of friends! (Pexels Image – CC0 Licence)

Give Your New Pet a Bit of Space

You might not need to give your new pet an entire room of their own. However, are going to need to give them a bit of space when they first come home with you. Allowing your pet to get used to their new home, in a neutral space where it’s calm and quiet, is essential. It will ensure they relax into their new setting more quickly. 

Of course, with kids around, the house can get loud and crazy. It can be easier to teach your kids about the importance of calm at a time like this. After all, it doesn’t have to be for long, and there’s plenty of examples you can use to help them better understand why a new pet needs a bit of space to begin with! 

Simply shutting your new pet away in a bedroom for a few minutes can give your child the distance they need to understand that now’s not the time to be bothering their new cat or dog. You could take the time to give them one on one time. Tell your child what they need to do, Then let them into the room with their new pet for a short burst of time, one on one. Let your new pet, and your little boy or girl, get used to each other on their own terms. 

Teach Your Kids to Train Your New Pet

The kids are going to want to get involved with the new pet, more than they’ve probably wanted to get involved with anything else before in their lives! And because of this, it’s key to allow them to help train your new kitten or puppy. If you take the time now to ensure that your child is seen as a figure of trust and authority even when you’re not around, your new pet is going to have a much better long term relationship with them. 

So, make sure you’re always around for the initial training sessions. Don’t leave your child to perform tricks with your pet alone until you’re sure they’re both going to behave right! Who knows how many treats the puppy will get out of the bag of training biscuits? No one wants the new pet to throw them all up later on your brand new carpet! 

Don’t worry, even if your child is quite young and doesn’t quite understand what ‘training’ is, they can get involved. As long as you make good use of clicker training, it’ll be easy to show your child how training can be. With a simple sound, you can get your new pet to pay attention to right away. The kids themselves may even start to pick up on how the clicker means they get to do something fun with the cat or dog! 

Remember, Your Pet Will Grow Old

It’s a simple fact of life, despite how little we like to think about it. One day, your new pet, as sprightly and energetic as they are now, will get old. And, inevitably one day, they will pass away. It’s not something that bears thinking about in the here and now, when you’re trying to enjoy life with your new puppy or kitten or baby guinea pig. It’s worth keeping in mind for the time being though. 

Because you’ve got kids you might need to introduce to this fact as well, It’s also important to ensure you’ve got both the budget and the right insurance terms to be able to care for an old pet. You may also need to plan for burial or cremation services once they’ve passed away. Based on what you’re forking out for right now in pet insurance, is the money they’ll offer when the time comes to put down or remove your pet’s body good enough? It’s a very important term to consider if you want value for money. 

Similarly, your pet may run into trouble with their health at any time, so it’s good to have an emergency buffer in place. 

Saying Goodbye

And of course, just because your new pet will have to leave you one day doesn’t mean you can’t make a proper and beautiful affair about it! Indeed, if you want to keep your beloved pet’s ashes when the time comes, you can turn to items like dog urns for cremation ashes from It’ll certainly be much easier to explain the concept of life and death to any young children when there’s an official urn kept pride of place on the mantelpiece; visual guides are usually best when someone is a little too young to understand. 

You’re thinking about bringing home a new pet, but you need to make sure your family is on the same page. Well, with the tips above, hopefully you can introduce a loving setting that both your children and your pet can acclimate to.

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