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Our Review of Easy Grammar Plus For Middle School Students

Do you have a middle school student that needs to fine tune his grammar skills? Maybe your student is struggling in this area, and you would like find any she gaps she has with her grammar skills. If this is you, you may want to check out Easy Grammar Plus from Easy Grammar Systems. We were recently picked to review this comprehensive book, and were excited to see if it could help my son fill in his grammar gaps. Here is what we found…

A Little Bit About The Author And Easy Grammar Systems

Easy Grammar Systems was created by Dr. Wanda C. Philips after she started teaching 7th grade language arts. She was amazed at how much her students struggled with grammar, and believed this to be the way they had originally been taught. This inspired her to create her own curriculum to help students deepen their understanding of grammar. Today, Easy Grammar Systems has many tools to offer including the ones listed below:

A Little Bit About Easy Grammar Plus

Easy Grammar Plus is a well constructed, soft-cover, comprehensive teacher’s guide. It includes instruction, tests and reviews. The best part, is that it includes a placement test, so you can find any gaps in your child’s learning and adjust the instruction to fill those gaps. This is not a flashy book by any means, so you won’t find color images or any kind of pomp and circumstance. It does, however, get right to the business of teaching and learning grammar in a very straightforward manner.  


How We Used This Product

Before beginning with Easy Grammar Plus, we decided it would be good to know where my son was at with his grammar. He tends to be a great writer, but struggles with his understanding of grammar. The first thing I had him do was to complete the placement exam.

He was pretty sure that he was going to fail it, but in all actuality, he did okay. We did find areas that needing some improvement, and so this is where we concentrated his time each day. It’s sort of funny, because he had mastered some much more difficult grammar concepts, but really struggled with his understanding of pronouns. This is where we started.

At the beginning of each week, we would cover the instruction first. Then the next day, he would complete the practice review. Once he had completed the material for the section he was working on, he would complete the entire review. Finally he would complete the test.

All of the reviews, quizzes and tests are in book and can be copied. Since this is a teacher’s guide, you can’t simply give the book to the student. The answers are very visible. Easy Grammar Systems does sell both a student workbook and a test booklet if you aren’t a fan of copying.

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Our Thoughts…

Seth (age 13)

“What I really liked about this program was that it helped me review and practice grammar concepts there were really difficult for me. The instructional pages gave me pages and that was one of the main things that really helped me.”

Chris (mom)

“Easy Grammar Plus is a great tool to help find and address any learning gaps your child may have with grammar. This book is very easy to follow and uses a straightforward approach to teaching.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though. Other Review Crew families have also been working to bring you a great review. Each family was given a different product to review, so I highly recommend checking them out. To do so, simply click the link below.

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