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Our Family’s Favorite Homeschool Products in 2018

Our family is finishing our first year as part of the Review Crew.  We have had so much fun getting to try out lots of great homeschool products, and we would love to share some of our favorites with you. Here you will find great products that have helped to make our special needs homeschool be engaging and fun.

Drive Through History Adventures

Our family loves history.  But, I should qualify that statement, because we do not like dry and lifeless history.  We love history that comes to life, and Drive Through History Adventures is just that.  With this history curriculum, students are virtually transported to the actual sites where the best stories in history actually happened.

drive through history

The best part of this curriculum, other than the awesome humor of narrator Dave Stotts, is that it has many uses.  We use it as a history curriculum and as a family Bible study.  Most history curriculum is heavily reading based, which is not great for our son with dyslexia.  Since this curriculum is mainly video based, it works quite well for us.

Reading Eggs

Our daughter absolutely loves Reading Eggs.  We use this as the basis for her math and reading, so we were really excited to learn that they also offer practice workbooks.  These workbooks compliment the online curriculum, and really help kids solidify the learning concepts.

reading eggs

Reading Eggs is great for kids with learning deficits, as there is a lot of repetition and a child is not allowed to move on until he or she masters the current materials.  Since the activities are game based, it does not feel repetitious, and my daughter doesn’t seem to mind repeating things as needed.  Reading Eggs offers a free trial period so your family can try it out before actually committing.

Planet 316 Story Bible

This fun Bible brings your family’s favorite stories to life.  Using a smartphone or tablet, your child can sort of “pop” the Bible characters off of the page and hear them talk.  Our daughter loves her Planet 316 Story Bible, as it makes it so much more fun to watch the characters as she listens to stories.

To make this Bible come to life, you will need to download the corresponding app.  Once you have the app, your child can simply point the smartphone or tablet at the page and watch as the characters spring to action.

Bytes of Learning

If your family is looking for a great typing program, Bytes of Learning has a wonderful program called UltraKeys.  It is completely online and can work for the whole family.  There is a “back door” that allows the parent to adjust the speed, monitor progress and keep track of lessons.  We really enjoyed using this, and our boys have really improved their keyboarding skills.

bytes of learning


Heirloom Audio

Heirloom Audio has wonderful audio adventures that bring historical stories to life via audio.  These are very similar to the radio shows of old, and are easy to take along on a car trip.  During the 2018 season, we looked at (or should I say listened to) two of the adventure, Wulf the Saxon and St. Bartholomew’s Eve.  These were perfect for our many clinic days, as we travel about three hours round to our appointments.  Being able to do school in the car is priceless, and these adventures are so well done, the kids ask to listen to them.

st bartholomew's eve

Cursive Logic

Handwriting does not come easy to my son, and so he was quite nervous when he was asked to try Cursive Logic.  However, this amazing program really helped him greatly improve this skill.  This uses color and repetition of four key strokes to teach cursive easily.  In just a few lessons, our son was already showing improvements and by the middle of the program, his confidence improved as well.

Code for Teens

Are your kids interested in all things computer?  Then they will really love Code for Teens.  This workbook covers everything a beginner needs to learn how to do simple coding.  Since it is targeted to teens, it is also humorous and very easy to follow.  By the end of this workbook, my son could confidently complete quite a few simple coding processes.  He truly loved it and wants more.

code for teens

Homeschool in the Woods

As I mentioned, our kids love history.  That is as long as the history they are learning about is engaging and fun.  Well, Homeschool in the Woods has a program called Project Passport that is hands on and attempts to transport the student to the time and place the history took place.  We spent time learning about Ancient Egypt, and this had our kids making mud bricks, baking Ancient Egyptian bread, and trying clothing from the period.  If your kids like hands on activities, these are high quality programs.

The Pencil Grip: Magic Stix Washable Markers

Are you constantly putting the caps back on the markers or replacing dry markers repeatedly?  We know this pain, and we have the solution – Magic Stix Washable Markers by The Pencil Grip.  These markers are guaranteed not to dry out even if the cap is off for up to seven days.  They come in lots of great colors, and are reasonably priced.  Our kids love these markers, and mom loves the fact that I do not have to keep replacing our markers.

Kids Email

Would your kids like a little more freedom on the internet?  Maybe they would like to be able to email their friends without having to use mom and dad’s account.  Well Kids Email will allow your child the freedom of having their own email account that can easily be monitored by mom and dad.  We were able to see all of our son’s emails and could even set limits to his account.  This gave us the peace-of-mind while allowing our son some freedoms.

Join The Review Crew!

Would you like to join a group of amazing moms and dads who love to share their love of homeschooling? The Review Crew is just that, and the best part, is they are looking for new members!  If you are interested, click the link below to apply.  We would love to have you join us.

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Review Crew Thoughts

As always, other moms and dads on the Review Crew have been working hard to bring you their own top homeschool products of 2018.  To check those out, click the link below.

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