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October is Disability Awareness Month – Here’s how you can participate

I am guessing that most everyone reading this post either has a disability or knows someone with a disability. This month, we celebrate the uniqueness that comes with differing abilities. You may be wondering how to you can help celebrate Disability Awareness month, and so I have made a list of things you can do.

Just say “Hi

Whenever we are out, inevitably there will be a young child that wants to ask about my daughter’s brace, wheelchair or walker. Most parents become very red in the face, as if they just asked us for a million dollars in cash. Please know that honest questions are welcome. In fact, my daughter loves to tell people all about the things that help her get around.

Wheelchair at the beach

Instead of telling your child to “mind their own business,” encourage him to come up and say “Hi.” Unfortunately, disabilities can be very isolating, as people aren’t quite sure how to react or what to say. The great thing is that nothing needs to be said about the disability at all if you don’t know what to say. And if you have questions, most of us our more than willing to answer a few simple questions.

What you will most likely find, is we aren’t that much different. People with disabilities like the sames things as you, and we like to be included. So strike up a conversation and you just might find that you make a new, really great friend.

Remember to include everyone!

It is always better to assume that everyone can be included in whatever you are doing than to assume they cannot. Don’t let me daughter’s assistive technology scare you. She is fully capable of doing a lot of things, and she definitely has the determination to even do some things that truly amaze me at times.


What I find, is that people just like to be asked, even if they have to decline. There are days the Cerebral Palsy wins, and my daughter is just too tired to do much at all. On other days though, she is up for just about anything.

Just the other day, my youngest daughter surprised me. She is 12 years old, but functions more on the level of a toddler. Art projects, puzzles, and books just aren’t really her thing. However, the other night we were all making glow in the dark pumkins, and so I thought maybe I could help her make one. Well, I am truly glad I included her, because she squealed with glee when I sat her down to the table to paint.

I had already made up my mind that she was going to hate painting pumpkins, and was prepared for her to resist. You just never know. I always make sure to ask. Sometimes I am truly surprised, and it turns out to be a great time.

Disability Awareness Month

Learn more!

My best advice for celebrating Disability Awareness Month is to learn more. Do you happen to have a neighbor with Cerebral Palsy? Spend some time on Google doing a little bit of research. Maybe you have a co-worker with Dyslexia. Ask them some questions. The more you know, the less scary disabilites become. At the very least, you will find that more people live with a disability than you know.

Here are some great resources to get you started:

October is Disability Awareness Month - How you can participate

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