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National Eagle Center-The Perfect Home School Adventure

Winter in Wisconsin is not my favorite time of year.  I am not a winter sports person, and so I end up staying inside way more than I like.  By late January, everyone is going a little stir crazy and feeling cooped up.  Our home school days seem to drag on longer and longer, because no on has the motivation to keep doing boring indoor learning anymore.  We long for the days we can get outside and explore. But alas, we have several more weeks of this winter weather.  This is when we plan a few day trips to break things up a little.  One of our favorite places to go is the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN.

The National Eagle Center is a wonderland that includes – you guessed it, eagles.  If you have dreamed of being up close and personal with an eagle, this is the place for you.  They double as an eagle rescue, so there are live birds on site.  Many wild eagles can be seen flying all around the property and above the Mississippi River, which makes for great photo opportunities.  However, there are also currently four eagles that reside at the National Eagle Center.  All of the eagles living at the center are unable to live in the wild.  This means that when you visit, you will be able to see these amazing birds right up close.

Twice daily the center puts on a live eagle demonstration.  The class is free with admission and very engaging and informative.  They make sure to include everyone in the fun, so feel free to bring guests of all ages.  Keep in mind that the program does require everyone to sit relatively still for about 45 minutes.  But, the program seems much shorter than that, as it is very interactive.


There are numerous hands-on learning exhibits that encourage guests to play and discover what it is like to be an eagle.  Have you ever wondered how your handshake would stand up to an eagle?  You can find out at the National Eagle Center.  Would you like to know just how big an eagle’s nest really is?  They have that too.  It is really a pretty amazing place and we usually have a difficult time getting everyone to want to leave at the end of the day.

The National Eagle Center makes a great field trip to cap off a science unit or to help complete a Boy Scout merit badge.  If you have a home school co-op organization or a troop that would like to plan an outing, the National Eagle Center would be happy to set that up.  There is no bad time of year to visit, but during the winter more eagles seem to be around.  They love to hunt for fish in the Mississippi River, and their favorite spot when it is cold is right in front of the center.

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