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Marvelous Mornings With Your Favorite Superheroes

Does your family love superheroes? Our family absolutely loves a good Marvel movie. Of course we were all gathered around the big screen for the opening weekend of End Game. And of course, if you check out our movie list, you might just see a few more Marvel titles in the mix there too. To make things more fun, we like to make meals around our favorite superheroes. Since breakfast is the most fun meal of the day, we decided to create a breakfast cookbook around our favorite Marvel characters. This is how Marvelous Mornings was created.

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Our cookbook has twelve recipes and each one is inspired by one of our favorite superheroes. For example, we make webcakes for Spiderman (web shaped pancakes), Russian porridge for Black Widow, and cosmic waffles for Dr. Strange. There are also some fun family activities to complete for after breakfast is finished.

Marvelous Mornings Cookbook

We find this to be a great way to include little ones who may not be ready for the movies just yet. It’s also a nice way to count down to the next anticipated movie. For us, this just happens to be Spiderman – Far From Home.

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