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Little One On The Way, But There’s No Room To Expand!

Many couples plan their family size out before they commit to each other. It isn’t just turning a human being into a number, it’s for financial reasons as being able to care for and afford the child is important. A family that is too big and without sufficient finances can see their children’s lives squander into a lesser quality than they hoped.  This is especially true if you are a special needs family.  You may find yourself strapped with the extras that go with special needs, and unsure how you will find the extra money for another little one.  Rest assured, you can find the room, the finances, and everything else you will need to expand your family.

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Expanding your family to add a little one

So You Want Another Child

So even if you have set a plan for your family size and have thus far stuck to it, you have decided to expand your family. You wouldn’t be the first to have quickly made a change to your plan. In fact, we added three more to our family after we were very sure we were done.  It has been the best decision, and we don’t regret it.   

If you are worried about how to add a member to your already large enough family, there is good news.  There is always a way to make things work out and grow your family.  One of the biggest questions I get when people ask about expanding their family is space.  Where will you find the room for another little addition?   Expanding the home while expanding your family seems like a sensible decision.  Space itself is very important to a good healthy living environment. Where should you begin?  Here are some ideas to get your started.

Upstairs or downstairs?

When it comes to extending a home, for the most part, people tend to choose the downstairs rather than the upstairs.  Creating a loft space in your home can work too, but this could be quite expensive. Going the traditional route seems the safest for those who are on a budget. You’ve all heard of patio extensions as the kitchen and dining area are popular choices to extend.

But you can also make a new room by extending the lounge.   It may be cheaper actually as the fittings in the kitchen don’t need to be removed or changed. You could also convert the garage into a play room or bed room and park on the street. What you want is a new bedroom that you can give any one of your children whether it’s the newborn or someone in their teens.

Affording the room

Extensions aren’t the most expensive thing you can do in your home, but they are quite costly. Since you already have a family, you may have chosen to borrow money in the beginning just until you get back on your feet properly. If you already have loans and credit cards that are overdue in payments, then your credit score is going to be under fire.

Thankfully credit repair services are designed to heal your financial record. They set out a plan for you to show creditors of all kinds that you have remained on a trajected recovery. Read the reviews to find which company would best serve you and your family. With a new lease of life on your credit score, you can then take out more loans to finance your extension so the baby can have his or her own room.

Another avenue is to find funding through Medical Assistance or other disability services.  Our family has been provided with thousands of dollars of home renovations to help make our home more safe and accessible for our girls.  You can begin with talking to a social worker at your local pediatrician’s office or even at your local county disability agency.  Sometimes churches, Boy Scout troops, or other charitable organizations will also donate materials or provide free labor to help lower the costs.

Little One On The Way, But There's No Room To Expand

Lots of families are saying “yes” to one more. That may be your family too!  If this is you and you are already feeling cramped there are things you can do to expand. Extending the home to make a new bedroom is a reality.  And, it does not have to break the bank.  


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