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Learning with Legos and a Family Movie Night

In our family, Legos. Are. life.  Really.  There are more Legos in our house than actual stuff in our house.  I can’t even count how many times I have accidentally stepped on one, sending me into a rant of words I’d rather not repeat.  But all that aside, Legos are truly amazing little cubes with so much potential for learning! So I guess that I can overlook the tiny annoyances they bring.  Besides, Legos make the perfect backdrop for a family movie night!  Lego Batman, learning games, and a Lego themed dinner make for some great family learning fun.

We are a home school family, and so we have a tenancy to turn everything into a learning experience.  Even family movie nights are not immune, and a Lego themed movie night has so much potential.  Here is what we did in case you have Lego fans in your home too!

Learning with Legos and a Family Movie Night

Lego Themed Decorations

Whenever we have a movie night, we always go all out and include some fun decorations.  The Lego themed decorations were probably the most fun though.  What kid wouldn’t love a larger than life set of Legos, right?  So, that is exactly what we did.  Before the night arrived, we spent a few days collecting large boxes.  We covered the boxes with solid colored wrapping paper and glued plastic cups to replicate the fasteners on the Lego bricks.  I think they turned out fairly cute.  We did end up using them for one of the games, so they actually served two purposes which is nice.

Lego Party Decoratoins

We used yellow wrapping paper to cover the chip containers, and blew up several yellow balloons.  Then we drew Lego faces on them which the kids definitely had fun with.  If we can’t visit Legoland, at least we can create a fun filled house for our movie night!

Lego Learning Games

For the game portion of the evening we chose two building games and one game that was just for fun.  For the just for fun game, we used the over-sized Legos that we made and played ring toss.  We took pipe cleaners and made the rings, and then tried to ring them around the Lego fasteners.  It was fairly challenging, because the pipe cleaners were so light.  But, that made it so much more fun!  Though we weren’t very good at ringing Legos, we did manage to ring a lot of other things in the room.

Lego Party Games

The first learning game challenge proved to be fun filled as well.  For this challenge, we took wooden sticks (like tongue depressors) and held them in our mouths.  Then using 2×2 bricks, we tried to see who could build the tallest tower.  This took a lot of thought, steady hands and a lot of hand-eye coordination.

The final learning game for the night was a timed challenge to build a Lego creation out of only the bricks provided in 2 minutes.  This would not have been as difficult if the Legos weren’t inside a blown up balloon.  So first each participant had to pop their balloon, then they had to find all the Legos inside, and finally they had to build something that others would recognize in 2 minutes or less.  This was definitely fun to watch, and I thought the creations turned out really well.

Lego Themed Food

Figuring out food in this house can present issues, so we went with the old stand-by – pizza.  Of course it was Lego shaped pizza with pepperoni added in rows to look like the real bricks.  We added chips, bread sticks and soda to round things out.  Nothing extremely special here, but still very yummy, and no complaints from anyone, which is what I like.

Lego Smile Fun

And of Course the Lego Movie

There are so many Lego movies to choose from that this part was actually pretty difficult in our house.  The Lego Movie is of course the classic, but now there is Lego Batman and Lego Ninjago just came out on DVD.  We ended up watching the classic, but this movie night really could go with any of them

So Lego lovers, if you are in the mood for a family movie night, why not choose a Lego theme?  It is fun, it has learning, and it has yummy food.  Sounds like a family win to me!

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