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Learning and Fun With National Holidays – September Edition

September is just around the corner. Which means apple picking, back-to-school and cooler weather. I personally love this time of year for the return of schedules and routines. However, September would not be complete without a few special days. Did you know that September has quite a few fun national holidays to celebrate? Here are several you will not want to miss…

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Read A Book Day – September 6th

It just makes good sense that “Read a Book Day” should fall at the beginning of September. With the return of school, books are already on everyone’s mind. I bet you don’t really need help with how to celebrate this particular national holiday. Just read a book, right? So instead, we will give you our “must read” lists to get you started.

Ruth’s List

Zach’s List

reading books

Seth’s List

Chris’ List

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day – September 13th

To celebrate one of the best national holidays for parents, our kids are actually taking over the kitchen. Yay for me! After much deliberation, the kids have created a yummy meal plan that they would like to share.

Easy Low Sodium Chicken Chili


  • 3 chicken breasts cooked and shredded
  • 2 cans of no salt added diced tomatos (undrained)
  • 2 cans of no salt added tomato sauce
  • 1 can of no salt added black beans
  • 2 cans of no salt added kidney beans
  • 1 bag of frozen corn
  • 2 packets of Mrs. Dash Chili Seasoning


Add the above ingredients to a stock pot, and then mix everything together. Cook on medium heat until the chili is bubbly. Serve with oyster crackers and grated cheddar cheese.


Two Ingredient Apple Cobbler


  • 1 can of apple pie filling
  • 2 tubes refrigerated biscuits


Begin by greasing a round cake pan. Then set the cake pan aside. Open the refrigerator biscuits and cut them into 1 inch pieces. Place the cut biscuits into a medium bowl. Then add the can of apple pie filling and mix together with the biscuits. Place the mixture into the cake pan, and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Then bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. Let cool slightly. Then serve with vanilla ice cream while still warm.

Online Learning Day – September 15th

The digital world is definitely flourishing today. It seems that people are forever on their phones and other devices. That does not mean that all screen-time is bad though. In fact, we have dedicated on our national holidays to this very thing. On September 15th, we celebrate Online Learning Day.

national holidays online learning day

There are so many digital resources to help keep our children engaged and learning. In fact, as I am typing this, two of my kids are working with online learning. My son is working on his driver’s education class and my daughter is working with a learning game. To celebrate this holiday, we have put together a list of the digital learning products we find very helpful.

Punctuation Day – September 24th

Anyone studying grammar knows the importance of punctuation. Without it, our readers would become very confused and quite breathless. Did you know that punctuation was not invented at the dawn of written language? It was not, but I am sure glad for punctuation today!

The very first recorded usage of punctuation wasn’t recorded until about 840 B.C. when King Mesha of Moab began using vertical lines to establish the ending of verses in his text. Punctuation as we know it today was not in use until about the 5th century when Greek playwrites began using symbols to show actors when to pause. If you would like to learn a bit more about the history of modern day punctuation, check out what HistoryExtra has to say on the subject.

Today, we might not be able to fully express our emotions on social media without the invention of puncuation marks. I know first hand the importance of the colon and parenthesis. 🙂 My social media conversations would just not be the same without them. Most of our young people know how to make all of the amazing emojis, but in case the moms and dads would like to learn a few new ones, check out SeniorPlanet for some great ideas.


To celebrate these very important symbols, our family thought it might be fun to make art work using puncuation marks. To make these with your own family, simply draw out some oversized punctuation marks onto a white sheet of paper. Then add lines to create a picture. You can add color or other embelishments for even more fun. Come back later to see our creations.

Good Neighbor Day – September 28th

Everyone should celebrate this last national holiday. Our community puts together a community event each year, which includes volunteer opportunites to help the elderly and anyone with a disabilty. However, celebrating this day can be very simple and personal. We find that the best way to celebrate Good Neighbor Day is to do kind things for our neighbors. Here are some ideas we thought of to get you started.

  • Give out some baked goods
  • Find a volunteer event near you
  • Rake leaves
  • Offer childcare services
  • Smile or wave
Learning and Fun With National Holidays - September Edition

September is full of fun celebrations! We would love to hear how you plan to celebrate these national holidays in your family. Tell us your ideas in the comments, and don’t forget to come back to find out what’s happening in October!

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