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Learn to Play Chess with Fun Family Chess by Brain Blox (Review)

My son has always wanted to learn how to play Chess. However, it can be really intimidating to learn to play with someone that really knows the game. Fun Family Chess is actually two game in one. It includes the regular Chess game as well as a game designed to teach players the game of Chess. This is why my son was happy we were picked to review Fun Family Chess from Brain Blox. Here is what we found…


A Little Bit About Fun Family Chess

As I mentioned earlier, Fun Family Chess is actually two games in one. If you are a skill Chess player, it is a very nice chess board. But, if you are new to Chess, it can also be a game that teaches you how to play. This makes this especially nice if you have multiple ages and skill levels at your house like we do.

The set comes in a sturdy and attractive cardboard box. Inside the box, is a velvet-lined wooden box that acts as both a carrying case and the game board. The decorative wooden game pieces are kept in seperate velvet drawstring bags, which is a nice touch. You will also find several instruction sheets, as well as a wooden game dice.

Fun Family Chess

How We Used The Product

This has made a great addition to Family Game Night. We have quite a few Chess lovers in our house, and so my son has had no trouble finding partners to play the game. It seems that the hardest part about learning to play Chess, is knowing how to move the pieces. Since each piece makes very different moves, it can be challenging to keep everything straight.

Fun Family Chess has added a dice and extra instruction sheets to the basic Chess game to help players learn the correct moves while actually playing a fun game. Users will play the Fun Family Chess game until they have mastered the various moves and strategies of basic Chess. Then they can drop the dice and instruction sheets, and simply play Chess.

Playing the game

The nice thing about Fun Family Chess, is that it levels the playing field. It can be frustrating for a novice to play against a master. With the addition of the dice, the Chess game becomes much more equal. This is because the role of the dice decides the piece that can be moved, not the individual player.

Master chess players can typically plan several moves ahead, which can be difficult for a novice to foresee. Since the dice decides which piece gets moved, master chess players cannot plan quite so far in advance. Which of course makes the game a bit more fair and fun for the novice to play.

Learn to Play Chess with Fun Family Chess by Brain Blox

Our Thoughts…

Jeff (Dad)

“Fun Family Chess has great diagrams showing how the pieces move. The dice tells the player which piece to move, which I don’t think is as helpful for teaching strategy. The rule book offers good explanations, and comes with a very decent Chess board and set.”

Jonny (age 26)

“This is an interesting spin on Chess that works for new and old Chess players. It includes thorough and informative rules. I’ve been playing Chess for 15 years, and even I learned something new about Chess!”

Alex (age 23)

“I thought it was a cool beginner set. The dice was a nice addition for those who are starting to learn what the pieces mean and how to use them.”

Zach (age 17)

“The way the Fun Family Chess game is set up people who don’t know how to play Chess is quite helpful. The box we received did not fold out fully and the dice doesn’t roll as well as regular dice. It needs to be a bit smaller. The game did give me the basics of Chess though.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

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