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Learn to Draw Beautifully With Creating A Masterpiece (Review)

Do you have a budding artist? Or perhaps you have always wanted to learn how to draw. Creating A Masterpiece might just be what you have been looking for! This online program works for most aspiring artists. This is why we were excited to get the opportunity to review the Drawing Program from Creating A Masterpiece.

A Little Bit About Creating A Masterpiece

Creating a Masterpiece was created by Sharon Hofer. She is an artist with over 20 years of experience, and has designed her programs to feel as if you are sitting in her studio with her. Her programs are easy enough for a younger child, which means that the entire family can enjoy Creating A Masterpiece.


A Little Bit About The Drawing Program

The Drawing Program is an online, video-based program designed to teach students of all ages drawing techniques. With this program, students begin creating beautiful pieces even with the very first lesson. In fact, the first thing my son created was a cute little rabbit. Since each lesson the students create an actual piece they can be proud of, keeping motivated becomes less of an issue.

lessons 1 and 2
Lessons one and two.

How We Used The Product

Each week my son completes a lesson. He checks the supply list and makes sure he has the necessary tools. Once he has gathered everything, he begins by watching the video. Having the lessons in video form is quite helpful, as you can pause the lessons when you need more time.

Please note that materials are quite important. I am a bargain hunter and really quite frugal. Since art supplies can be quite expensive, I tend to purchase the lower end supplies. Trust me, if you don’t want to frustrate your student, use the supplies suggested by Sharon or at least something very close. There is a big difference between bargain school supply colored pencils, and the ones you purchase from an art supply store.

lesson 3 and 4
Lessons three and four.

With each lesson, the concepts build upon each other and the drawings begin to have more steps, use more techiques, and start to add more tools. The first few lessons are strictly done in black, white and grey. By lesson seven, you will bein using color, which makes the drawings even more fun. I know that I really don’t have to push my son to complete his weekly lesson, as he has quite a lot of fun with them.

lesson 5 and 6
Lessons five and six.

Our Thoughts…

Seth (age 13)

“I really love this program, because it helped my develop my skills as an artist. I like that you can pause the video, because a lot of the time I need more time to do what I am doing. The teacher breaks down art into simple steps, and I thought the projects were fun. I really liked what I was creating.”

lesson 7 and 8
Lessons seven and eight.

Chris (mom)

“I love getting to see the beautiful drawing that my son is doing each week. It is also fun watching his confidence increase each week, as he is able to increase his skills.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

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Learn to Draw Beautifully With Creating A Masterpiece

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