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Kickstart Your Summer With These Fun Recycling Projects

Summer is really just around the corner, and our house is full of excitement over what fun things summer will bring. I am always on the look out for ways to keep kids busy and learning. Here are some fun recycling projects to make your backyard much more fun this summer.

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Water Bottle Bug Catchers

We love bugs and all things creepy crawly. On summer days, you will typically find my boys outside digging in the dirt, looking under rocks, and searching in the bushes. They are on the lookout for bugs.

This year, we got a great idea from Supercharged Science. We made water bottle bug catchers to make collecting our backyard friends a whole lot easier. No insect will be left unseen with these handy tools.

Pop Bottle Sprinkler

We plan to do quite a bit of gardening this year, and as part of that, we made a pop bottle sprinkler. These work quite well to provide water for plants in raised garden beds. Typical sprinklers don’t really work and handheld watering cans are not very convenient. Pop bottle sprinklers are gentle on plants and easy for little hands to maneuver.

To make one you will need a plastic pop bottle, a tornado tube, nail or sharp pointed tool, and a heat source such as a torch or lighter. Begin by rinsing the bottle clean and allowing the bottle to dry. Then poke holes into the bottle using a heated nail or other sharp tool. Make sure to have adult supervision for this step. Place the tornado tube onto the opening of the bottle. Then connect your new sprinkler to the hose. You are now ready to water your plants.

Painted Plywood Chalkboard

Do you have an old piece of plywood laying around? Why not turn it into something cool for summer? You can easily turn that old piece of wood into an outdoor chalkboard. Simply cover it completely with chalkboard paint, and hang it up in your yard. Now little hands can get creative with sidewalk chalk masterpieces.

Plastic Container Water Squirters

We all have plastic containers filling up our recycle bins, so why not make something fun out of them? Our kids love to turn them into homemade water toys. The best containers to use would be old shampoo or conditioner bottles, but you can also use spray bottles or regular water bottles as well.

It is quite easy to convert a regular water bottle into a homemade water squirter. Have an adult drill a small hole into the cap of the water bottle. Fill the water bottle fully, and replace the cap. Squeeze the bottle to make the water squirt out. You are now ready to soak your friends and family.

Now instead of throwing used water bottles into the recycle bin, our kids treasure them as added ammunition in their water arsenal. These are so much better than water balloons, as they can be reused and they are so much easier to fill.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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