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Keeping Your Family Happy, Connected and Safe When You Have To Stay Home

There are no two ways about it; we’re living through some pretty surreal and worrying times. Over the course of the past month, the lives of people all around the world have significantly changed and many of us are now being encouraged to socially distance, socially isolate and stay home unless we need to head out for absolute essentials. This is for the wellbeing of all of us, so it’s advice that needs to be heeded. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be easy for all of us.

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Sure, it might be a little simpler for introverts, people who enjoy their own company and those of us who already have plenty of indoor based hobbies and activities that we enjoy. But for many of us, we’re going to quickly grow bored, frustrated or lonely as we stay home. So, what can we do to help keep ourselves entertained and our spirits up? Here are a few suggestions that should help a little!


When’s the last time you picked up a good book? Now, for some of us, reading simply isn’t enjoyable. But many of us skip out on reading because we simply don’t get the time around our busy work schedules and social lives. Well, now is a better time than ever to dive into a novel, some poetry, a play, a nonfiction piece or any other kind of written material. Pick up that book that’s been lying on your shelf for months. Download something on an ereader. Read something online. The world of the written word is your oyster!

Even though most libraries are closed as we all stay home, there are so many great online resources out there today. Vooks is an online resource for kids that we simply love. Right now, you can get a full year of Vooks for free, so I encourage you to check them out! My daughter is still an emerging reader, so she loves listening to the digitial books they have.

Puzzles and Games

There are plenty of puzzles and games out there that can keep your mind occupied and provide great entertainment. This could be a video game, a game on your PC or something as simple as crossword puzzles (click here to find a few).


One of the best things that has emerged out of this pandemic, is that we now have time for family time. Why not start that family game night that you have been talking about for years! You don’t even have to go out to find some great games, as most stores that have closed their storefronts have kept their online stores very much open. Here are some of our favorite games to get you started :


We have a little more time to put more effort into our cooking. So, even if you are getting take-out as you stay home, you could also improve your cooking skills and foster family time in the kitchen. You could also consider baking!

Our family has been making Fridays “bake a fun cake” day. So far the kids have created three cakes all with different fun themes. I encourage you to get creative and make it family thing. Here are the cakes we have created so far:

Twix Bunny Cake

This cake was both easy and fun to make. We made a chocolate layer and a vanilla layer using a 9 inch cake pan. Then we frosted the cake with chocolate frosting and added white chocolate Twix around the outside. We topped the cake with jelly beans and two chocolate bunnies. Can we say sugar overload! Needless to say it was super sweet and extra yummy.

Construction Dump Cake

We found these cute chocolate construction trucks at our local dollar store and just knew they would add a bit of whimsy to our typical dump cake. This cake just a typical chocolate dump cake topped with hot cocoa frosting and crushed up cookies. I am happy to report that it was as delicious as it was cute.

Our next few cakes include a Peeps Kit Kat cake, a chocolate cross cupcake cake, and a raspberry cake. I will try and remember to come back to this post to add pictures of those cakes when we get them finished.

Keeping In Touch With People

It may be difficult not seeing the people you love face to face. But we are fortunate to live in an age where tech can keep us in touch without having to be anywhere near anyone. Make the most of it! Give your friends a call. Text your loved ones each day. The best? You can video call and group video call. This means you can still see pets, babies and others who might not be able to communicate with you vocally.

Every Friday, along with our fun cake baking, we make a Skype call to one of our adult children and my parents. Since we can no longer do our traditional Friday Night Dinners with our family, we try to bring everyone together via technology. Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a time when we can bring our family and friends right into our living rooms even when they cannot be physically with us? I think without this technology quarentine just might be unbearable.

Keeping Your Family Entertained, Connected and When You Have To Stay Home

These are just a few different things you can do to keep your mind occupied and stave off feelings of loneliness when you stay home. This will all pass. It’s just a matter of time. Until then, hopefully these tips and tricks will help to get you along!

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