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Keeping Things Crafty: Ideas And Hacks For Kids Crafts

Some children are just so creative.  Often crafting and arts are some of the best ways to keep your children occupied when they are not in school or looking for activities. However, not all moms are a fan of crafts. I think you either love them or hate them, and sometimes both at the same time. We can’t all be Pinterest worthy moms.  We can, however, be organised as we delve into the world of crafts with our kids.  Being organized takes the stress out of arts and crafts. I thought I would share with you some of the ideas and hacks for kids crafts that work in our house.

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Keep all the crayons and pens in fun containers

Children love to color.  Quite often they want to draw pictures at a moments notice, rather than it being a planned crafts activity. It is always a good idea to keep those crayons and pens close by with some paper. Kids get the inspiration to be creative from anything.  Kids get some point might just like the idea of drawing a picture or practicing their writing or shapes. Having these things on hand could provide you with some welcome distraction for your children.

Use sandwich boxes for when you are on the go.  I keep my markers in a recycled pretzel rods container.  This in itself can be a craft project, as your kids can decorate it with fun paper and stickers.  We use office organizers to keep our construction paper organized by color.  For those small craft items such as pom poms, buttons, and googly eyes, we use a hanging shoe organizer hung on the back of the door.  Get creative, head to the dollar store, and you will be amazed at what you can find to organize the craft area in your home.

Label the arts and crafts for easily access

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes the inspiration to be creative can hit children when the timing is a little off. Perhaps you haven’t planned on getting the paints out. You may even feel that it will take up more time to prepare the crafting area, and then the children will no longer interested. This can take the motivation out of crafting for most of us. Once we have finally found all the necessary items, the urge has left or other activities are at hand.  

However, organization can help with this too!  If you are finding that even with some creative storage options, you can’t seem to find what you are looking for, try labels.  Getting some blank sticker paper and labeling up the craft materials is one way to have easy access to the.  This way when you don’t feel like finding all those crafty items, it will be easy for you kids to find on their own. It can make things so much easier for you as a mom to know where everything is.

Try taking old soup, coffee and vegetable cans, painting them fun colors and adding a bit of chalk paint to one side.  Then label each can with what is inside.  This becomes a cute and practical way to store those hard to find items for quick access.  Your children just might stop bugging you to help them find what they need.

Try taking old soup, coffee and vegetable cans, painting them fun colors and adding a bit of chalk paint to one side. Then label each can with what is inside.

Plan crafts ahead of time

If you are like me, you may dread crafts simply because you don’t know what to do with the item when it is finished.  You really can’t have a bedroom wall papered with crafts. This is when a little planning comes in handy.  Is there a special occasion coming up?  Maybe you need to create a new organizing container, or maybe you need tp spruce up your garden.  These all make great crafts, but with a purpose. 

Once you know what it is your child can make, you will need to prepare some time.  Perhaps you have an afternoon at home you want to fill.. Planning crafts can be a great way to ensure that you do something creative and fun, without the rush and panic of what to do. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for this. You may find that events such as Easter, Christmas, 4th of July and other major events throughout the year can be great sources of inspiration for the types of crafts you do. For example, cards, garden markers, decorated eggs, etc.

Craft outside to avoid mess indoors

Crafting outside can be a great way to avoid too much mess in your home. Painting outside especially is a great way to ensure that you don’t get any materials on your furniture.  The best part is that the rain at some point will wash away the mess created by children.  

Our children love sidewalk chalk and paint.  Since is washes off, I let them create artwork on not only the sidewalk and driveway, but other fun places too!  We have been known to create masterpieces on the fences, the garage door, and even the side of the house.  The kids love the idea of making art in such otherwise taboo places, they they actually can’t wait for the rain to come.  Then they get a new slate with which to create new things.

Sometimes simple is key

Finally, don’t forget that sometimes the simplest of crafts can be the most fun for children. There is nothing wrong with getting out the markers and crayons to create artwork outside.  Creating pictures on rocks to make cute rock pets, or colorful additions to your garden are simple things that bring a lot of joy.  Even dusting off the color books or printing a color page is a great way to get kids creative in the moment.

Keeping Things Crafty: Ideas And Hacks For Kids Crafts

Whatever you choose to do, help your kids be creative by being organized.  By being organized, you will take the stress out of arts and crafts so you kids can enjoy them.  Hopefully these hacks for kids crafts will help you when it comes to being creative with the kids.

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