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Keep Your Family Connected With Virtual Game Night

A lot of people are looking for ways to connect with friends and family remotely, given that all of us are likely to be in lockdown for a good deal longer, yet. Quizzes are a very popular option at the moment and if you’ve been given the duty of being the quizmaster, then you’re responsible for putting together the questions, too. Here are a few tips to ensure your quiz is engaging, involving and, most importantly, fun.

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Vary the difficulty

One of the biggest mistakes is that people tend to choose questions as if they’re trying to beat the quizzers, rather than trying to challenge them. Do not make your questions too hard or your quizzers will all end up frustrated, meaning that they won’t be likely to come back. What you want to do is choose questions of varying difficulty, so that everyone has the opportunity to be right.

Don’t stick too rigidly to categories

You can categorize your questions, that’s no issue. However, do make sure you have enough of a variety of subjects to appeal to all comers. For instance, if you have a quiz that has 20 questions and five of them are centered around musical theater, then it had better be a very niche target audience because that is not a subject that a lot of people are going to be into. Sites like can help you stay on the right path.

Throw in fun rounds

Don’t make them all simple questions and answers, either. Choose rounds that act more like logic puzzles. For instance, you can show your players Scrabble tiles and ask them to answer how many points a word is worth, or you can use sites like to get them to find anagrams for you. Just don’t overdo it with the fun rounds or else the trivia-heads can get frustrated. Find the balance.

Find a place to host it

You can have it so that whoever shouts out the answer first gets the points, but it can be hard to track who says what first in that case. Websites like can offer a much more organized situation. You can subscribe to host a wide range of quizzes. The site generates a code that you can then share with friends and family to get them involved, and tracks all the answers and scores automatically for you.

Keep Your Family Connected With Virtual Game Night

Get everyone in on the game

Once you have the quiz set up, then you need to make sure that everyone can see, or at least hear, each other. Throughout the lockdown, have been offering their services for free, allowing people to connect via webcam with one another. There are plenty of other apps to try out there as well if you don’t like that one.

Once you start to put it together, you will soon find that assembling a quiz isn’t as easy as you might have imagined. Hopefully, the tips above will help you nail it anyway. Just expected to be designated quiz master time and time again once you do.

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