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Jobs Working With Children A SAHM Can Do Now And In The Future

Not all of us have that knowledge of exactly what we might want to do as a career. Some are lucky and know at school, others perhaps change their careers in their forties or fifties once they really know what they want to do. Quite often stay-at-home-moms(SAHMs) will look at a new career once their children are grown.  You may find yourself in this position right now. Unsure of what this next chapter in your life will look like. Perhaps you want more from life than being a mom and are looking for satisfaction and passion for what you do outside the home. A career working with children can really do that for you.  The experience you have with your children will help you.   I want to share with you some of the most common jobs working with children a SAHM can do now and in the future.

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Become a teacher

One of the most obvious career choices to help work and nurture the lives of children is to become a teacher. If you have been doing this on a more personal level and homeschooling your children, you probably already have the skills necessary.  You just need the training and  the relevant degrees to teach in a school environment. You could choose to teach the younger years or even middle school.  What can be one of the most rewarding times to help develop the future of our children is to work in the high school environment. This can often be when children and young adults need the support and guidance through their education.

If you have a college degree that you have not been using, you may be able to turn that into a high school teaching career.  You can check with your local college to see if you can get a teaching certificate for your particular niche.  Some areas outside the typical high school courses that my qualify are marketing, wood shop, computer technology or even agriculture and animal science.

Work as a school counselor

On a more psychological level, working as a school counselor can be equally as rewarding. This tends to be when children and young adults are at their most vulnerable, perhaps struggling with things at home or mentally finding things hard in a school environment. You may need to train to get a job in this field, and looking online at this program could be the way forward. Many schools need professionals in this area, as there is so much more focus on the mental well being of children and young adults today to help them navigate their future and make informed and good choices.

Perhaps you want more from life than being a mom and are looking for satisfaction and passion for what you do outside the home.

Look after young children in a nursery

If you prefer to work with babies or younger children, then qualifying to work in a nursery environment could be the way forward. This is when you can really help prepare children for their schooling, by working on some of the key early stage development areas like holding a pencil, tracing letters and shapes and even their vocabulary and use of language. Younger children like babies still need help with there developmental milestones and things like weaning and trying new foods.

If you are looking for a job you can do at home now, child care may also be a great option.  In most states, you don’t even have to have a special license or certification to provide care for three or less unrelated children.  This can be a good way to provide socialization to your own children as well.  If you are in the habit of providing your own children education, then you will be more sought after as you can also provide this for the families you work with.

Teaching sport or managing a team

Finally, if you find that you enjoy playing sport and are skilled in a particular field then you may want to look at the options of teaching sport to children rather than academics. You could even create your own club and manage a team, depending on what your area and community offers. It could be a great way to enable children to socialize, be competitive and learn new skills in a controlled environment.

You could check out your local YMCA, as they quite often are looking for people to provide programming for their members.  In fact, it does not even have to be sports related.  I have seen job postings for birthday party coordinators or even people to provide crafts to kids in an after school program.  These types of jobs are great for stay-at-home-moms, as the hours can work around you caring for your own children.  Sometimes you can even bring your own children to provide them some time for socialization.

If you are looking for jobs working with children a SAHM can do now and in the future, try these great ideas.   You will find some inspiration for finding careers that could work for you.


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