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Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills With Dyslexia Gold (Review)

Does your child struggle with reading skills? We have these struggles in our house. Because of this, my son spent a year working through vision therapy. This helped correct the vision problems that were at the root of his reading difficulties. Vision therapy is not a one and done sort of treatment. In fact, my son will have to do eye muscle exercises for the rest of his life. That is why we were very happy to get to review the Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle from Dyslexia Gold. Here is what we found…

A Little Bit About Dyslexia Gold

Dyslexia Gold strives to help children who struggle with reading. Did you know that most kids that have reading difficulties actually have vision problems? That is where Dyslexia Gold comes into play. They have games and activities that actually improve these eye problems by strengthening the eye muscles as well as the connection between the brain and the eyes. Pretty cool, right?

A Little Bit About Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle

Dyslexia Gold has three areas, Fluency Builder, Engaging Eyes, and Spelling Tutor. Each area is designed to act like exercises. Some of the games require a special pair of glasses that turns the images on the screen into 3D images. It is recommended to practice with this program for a small amount of time every day to help correct vision and improve reading skills.

Reading skills with Dyslexia Gold

The Engaging Eyes works with games. One in particular is a game that involves wearing special glasses and then positioning plates on the screen using cursor keys. Once the plates are in position, you shoot them off of the screen. You get a certain amount of points based upon the amount of plates you can break in a certain time frame.

Reading skills with Dyslexia Gold

Fluency Builder is a really great tool. It teaches students word sounds, how to properly build words, and how to properly string together sentences. In this section users play games as well, but all of the games have to do with sounds. In one game, students are asked to match the correct sounds. These are really simple and work toward more difficult sounds and words.

Reading skills with Dyslexia Gold

Spelling Tutor helps students correctly spell words. A word or passage is spoken to the student, and then the student must provide the correct spelling. If the student misspells something, he/ she is taken through a review of those words.

Reading skills with Dyslexia Gold

The program has reports so you can track your student’s progress. You will need to give this program some time, just as you would if you were going to the gym. It takes time to retrain the brain and build strong eye muscles, so it may take some time to see results in the reports.

Reading skills with Dyslexia Gold

How We Used This Product

Our goal was to practice for 10-15 minutes every school day, but I am not going to lie, we didn’t always hit this mark. My son was not very motivated to use the programs, as he thought the activities were juvenile. I did explain to him that not all students are at the same level, and the program is working with his brain. It is not a reflecting on where we think he is at with reading skills.

He does understand, but if this program was designed for older teens and adults, I believe he would be more motivated to continue. He really likes the engaging eyes games, and this is where he spends most of his practice time. I figure that any practice is better than no practice, and we have both seen an improvement since he began using Dyslexia Gold.

My daughter is unable to use the program currently, as she does not have enough English. It was very difficult to try and explain how to perform some of the activities with limited English. We will definitely revisit this when her English improves.

Our Thoughts…

Zach (age 17)

“Dyslexia Gold is supposed to help train your eyes to see things better, but I think it is more targeted toward elementary age students. I would like to see a program with more high school oriented things in it. Please make some games and activities that are more high school focused.”

Chris (Mom)

“I was a little skeptical of this program at first, but I am always willing to try anything that has the potential to help improve my son’s reading skills. Dyslexia Gold exceeded all expectations. This program works with very similar exercises as he worked with in vision therapy. Though it can be difficult for us to remember to do these exercises every day, I can still see great improvements with him using the program 3-4 times per week. My only suggestion would be to include activities targeted to an older audience.”

Improve your child's reading skills with Dyslexia Gold

Review Crew Thoughts…

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