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How to Get Your Kids to be Creative

Creativity is an amazing skill for anyone to have, and a great pastime for children too. Teaching your kids things can be difficult, but engaging them and letting them create something of their own can be an amazing tool for them to learn new things.

Encouraging creativity in your children is not rocket science, although presenting them with some pretty fun activities can be a great way to help them discover their inner artist. Making things doesn’t necessarily have to be meaningful, it can just be fun.  It can really be whatever your child wants it to be. If you want some ideas on how to encourage your children to be creative and some ideas of what they can do, then read on.

Involve Things They Love

Our family is obsessed with Disney movies.  Maybe your kids are too!  Or, perhaps they are obsessed with robots, princesses or Marvel characters.  Whatever it is, get their favorite things involved so they stay interested. If your kids are reluctant to get involved, it always helps to include the things that they love. This is a great way to get them engaged. Once they start creating, they will start to enjoy themselves. Getting children engaged is sometimes the most difficult task.  However, once they are, they won’t want to stop creating the fun things that include their favorite characters.

Try Out New Things

Making and creating things means you and your kids get to try out new skills. This can be a great way to help your child discover something they love and to learn new skills too. You could help them discover these things about themselves by getting them piano lessons or even buying them a coloring set. Through creativity children can discover what they like and what they don’t like. Some of the skills gained from being creative are so useful to other parts of their life as well. Things like timing, accuracy, dedication or how to fix problems are all great learning curves for any child to embark on. 

For special needs kids, creating a piece of art may help them express their world.  My daughter has speech delays, so art really works for her to be able to express her feeling without using words.  This is also a great way to gain insight to your child’s world at school, with friends and in the community. 

Being creative is always about having fun and producing something, but so much more can be achieved through new skills and free expression.  Don’t ever pressure your child when they are being creative.  Simply let them take the lead and see what they come up with.

Child creating a picture or art with a jar of crayons
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Creativity Can Benefit Everyone

Being creative can benefit everyone. Not only will your child develop new skills, but there are a lot of other benefits as well. Things like expressing themselves and the ability to communicate often improve when children create. There are many other benefits for their mental health and well-being too. For some kids, having a creative outlet will reduce stress and anxiety. The process of creating can benefit your child in so many ways.  It can help to make them more well rounded and willing to experience new things.   Kids who have ways to develop their creativity tend to learn better and have more confidence.

Here are just a few ways you can engage your child and encourage them to be creative. You can try cutting up magazines to make collages, paint pots for the garden, or even learn an instrument or take a pottery class. There are so many useful skills that can be attained from being creative.  So don’t forget to encourage your kids to learn great skills while having fun at the same time.

Being creative is a skill that all children need to develop.  As parents it is very important that we provide ways for our children to build this skill.  Creativity builds character, problem solving and independent thinking.  This will help our children become the successful adults we hope them to be.

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