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How to Get Better at Writing

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People, especially often children, seem to think that they are either naturally good at writing or really bad at it. That is not the case. It is a skill that can be learned, although you have to be prepared to put the effort in if you want to be any good.

Whether you want to write better blog posts, improve your skills so that you can write a bestseller or help your children do better in English, there are some simple things you can do to write better every day…

Write Every Day

Write a piece every day. The saying that ‘practice makes perfect’ definitely applies to writing. It does not have to be huge amounts of text, just a few paragraphs will do the trick.

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Read As Much As Possible

Reading is the opposite of writing and you can learn a lot from what other people have done. Read with a critical eye so that you notice things you like about what you are reading, and what things you would like to avoid.

Reading different styles and tones will help you as well, as various authors will use different structures and grammar.

Join A Writers Group

You can learn a lot from other writers and the easiest way to connect with them is to join a writer’s group such as the one at Writing is like everything else in this world in that people have different opinions, but from other writers, any feedback you get will be constructive and will be meant to help you.

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Keep Yourself Fit

If you are physically fit, your brain will be more alert and productive. Eat a healthy diet and make sure you get enough sleep and exercise. A cup of coffee in the morning can also help, as the caffeine will wake up your brain. Do not overdo it with the amount you have though, as coffee later in the day can contribute to trouble sleeping.

Write to Stir Emotions

If you write something that makes people cry or laugh, they will remember that more than a piece that did not stir their emotions. They are also more likely to tell their friends and family about it and encourage them to read it too. Nostalgia is another area that readers love.

Remember The Details

If a teacher asks a class to all write an essay with the same title, it is most unlikely they will get two the same. The basis of the essay may be similar, but it is the details that will make each one different. This applies to anything you write as well – the details are important. A piece that is very vague will not draw the attention that a piece with detail will.

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Be Interested In What You Are Writing

It can be really good to write about something you have a passion for, but there could be times you have to write about something you are clueless on. If that is the case, do not just guess at information. Be interested in the subject matter and do some research to find facts. This will make the piece much more interesting and enjoyable.

When people think of writers they tend to envisage the successful authors of a book. However, many people make a living at writing without any chance of ever being a published author. There are websites, adverts, and many other things where much shorter pieces are needed, and this is often what many writers do.

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