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How Fieldtrips Saved Our Homeschool And Maybe Yours Too

Homeschooling when there are special needs involved is a daunting task. My daughter is academically well below her age, and so she is not capable of completing as much work as her high school peers. Since most states require a certain number of hours, and others even require documenation, filling all the time and requirements can be challenging. This is where fieldtrips become an absolute lifesaver.


Make it hands on

Fieldtrips allow kids to get hands on with their learning. My daughter gets nothing out of books or even videos, but when she actually gets to interact with her learning it sticks. We have taken her to zoos, farms, gardens, and so much more. At each place, she learns so much more than when she looks at pictures.

learning about pumpkins

It also helps her understand why her book and computer learning is so important. My daughter had learned how to read a very simple book with one word per page. She thought that meant she was ready to go to school with her age appropriate peers until we took a trip to the library. She discovered that there is a lot more to reading than she originally thought. Now we have a motiviated young lady who wants to read the books with “all the words.”

Bring learning to life

Fieldtrips are an amzing way to bring what you are learning to life. our most memorable feildtrip expreience was getting to see the Behind The Seeds Tour at Walt Disney World’s Epcot. Our kids had spent a few months learning about various types of gardening, agriculture methods and hydroponics. Getting to see Disney’s huge greehouses and hydroponics really brought the book learning to life. This was also a great way for us to count parts of our family vacation as school time.


Incorporate therapies into learning

My daughter has two hours per week of therapy. She see occupational therapy and speech every Thursday afternoon. Since these are things she would typically recieved in brick-and-mortar school, we write them down as school time for State documentation.


We also spend an hour three times a week doing physical therapy exercises, and we count this as educational time as well. By incorporating therapies into your homeschool day, it becomes a whole lot easier to fill all of the State mandated hours.

Document the fieldtrips for the State

The most important thing to remember when using fieldtrips in your homeschool is the documentation. Make sure to take pictures and have your students write or talk about what they learned while on the fieldtrips. Brick-and-mortar schools take fieldtrips and document this as learning hours, and so can homeschools.


Remember that learning does not have to happen from a book or a computer. There are so many learning opportunities in your community. If you belong to a homeschool co-op, many more fieldtrips become available.

How Fieldtrips Saved Our Homeschool And Maybe Yours Too

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