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Hatch Your Own Bugs With Insect Lore

Do your kids love all things creepy and crawly? I know that mine really do. That is why we are regular customers of Insect Lore. With Insect Lore, your family can learn about several kinds of insects and watch them go through their various stages. Here is why we love Insect Lore…

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What is Insect Lore?

Insect Lore is a company that allows families to grow their own insects. The have everything you would need to get started with quite a few different types of insects. They also have learning materials to help kids understand the life cycles of the insect they choose. You can find Insect Lore products either on their site or in various stores including Amazon.

Hatch Your Own Bugs With Insect Lore

What is available?


If you love butterfly gardens, you will love having the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden. When the package arrives in the mail, you will get several caterpillars. Over several weeks you will get to watch them grow in size, build a chrysalis, and hatch into a beautiful Monarch butterfly. After some time, you can let your butterflies go and watch as they fly around your yard.

We have raised butterflies quite a few times. It is always fun to watch this transformation. As we watch our caterpillars make their change into butterflies, we also bring in books and other resources to help deepen our learning. Insect Lore does offer a kit that comes with Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungary Caterpillar” book.


This is one that we plan on trying out this summer. With the ladybug kit, you not only get what is necessary to watch your new friends grow, you also get some fun accessories. Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to see as a bug? With the ladybug kit, you also get “bug vision.”

Other Insects

Your family can also choose to grow Ants or Praying Mantises. We are currently growing and watching Praying Mantises. Since we had the butterfly garden already, we really only needed the egg case. This is our first time with Praying Mantises, as they are only available certain times of the year.

The nice thing about Insect Lore, is that most of the habitats can be reused or even used for a different type of insect. This makes the investment much more cost effective. If you want to try a certain insect again, you don’t need to buy an entire kit. You will just need the refill.

What will we learn?

As you watch your insects grow and change, you will learn a lot. You will learn about the life cycle of your particular insect, as well as they typical diet. Because you have to simulate the environment, you will also learn about the insect’s habitat. There really is no better way to learn about these fun little creatures than to watch them in your own living room. Insect Lore allows kids to bring nature inside, without the glass jar with holes in the top.

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