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Handwriting Help From Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Workbooks (Review)

Do you kids struggle with handwriting? Maybe your student needs practice with memorizing sight words. My daughter struggles in these areas, and it seems that every handwriting program we have tried just does not work for her. I was really excited to get to try a couple of products from Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math workbooks. We were picked to review Channie’s Dry Erase Flashcard For Alphabet & Number and Channie’s Dry Erase Flashcard for Sight Words. Here is what we found…

A Little Bit About Channies Visual Handwriting & Workbooks

Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Workbooks was established in 2015 to help students improve handwriting skills. They use a unique block system that is color coded to help kids who need a little more visual stimulation to get their handwriting correct. The products provided to Review Crew familes are as follows:

  • Channie’s Dry Erase Flashcard For Alphabet & Number 
  • Channie’s Dry Erase Flashcard for Sight Words 
  • Neat Numbers 
  • One Page A Day 2 Digit Multiplication Practice 

This review will focus on the products we were provided, but using the link near the end of this post, you can see the thoughts of the other Review Crew families.

A Little Bit About Channie’s Dry Erase Flashcard For Alphabet & Number

Channie’s Dry Erase Flashcard For Alphabet & Number includes 31 cards in total. There are 5 number cards with a different number on the front and back of each card. The rest of the cards are alphabet cards. Each of these cards is also double sided, with the capital letter on the front and the lower case letter on the back. For each of the alphabet and number cards, there is a corosponding picture such as “apple” for the letter “A.”

Channie's alphabet and number cards

The cards include an example of how the letter should be written, and blank areas for independent practice. With Channie’s cards, you will find three lines for each letter instead of one box. This is a great visual for letter placement when the letter either extends above (h and d) or below (q and p) the main letter line.

A Little Bit About Sightwords Channie’s Dry Erase Flashcard For Sight Words

Channie’s Dry Erase Flashcard For Sight Words includes 50 word cards and two blank cards. Since each of the word cards is double sided with a different word on each side, you actually get 100 sight words. The addition of the two blank cards is a nice touch, as you can create any word(s) your child happens to be working on even if they are not included in the pack.

Each card has two words one on the front and one on the back, as well as a prewritten practice area and an independent practice area. The one thing I would have liked to see is the addition of a picture. However, since these are supposed to memorized, maybe Channie’s felt that a picture would hinder the memorization.

Channie's alphabet and number cards

Like the Alphabet Cards, you will find that the practice area is divided into a top, middle, and bottom. This helps students correctly line up words that have letters that extend up or down such as, “the” or “your.”

How We Used The Products

Each week my daughter practices with the cards for about 20 minutes. She practices about three times per week. I try to incorporate this around her reading curriculum, so we focus her time on the sight words that corospond with her reading program. I also add in a few others of my choosing. Sirnce she already knows her letters and numbers, these cards are provided simply for handwriting practice.

The extra visuals provided with these cards have really helped my daughter understand how to place the letters and just how big each one needs to be. She used to write words with what would look like a capital letter in the middle, and she is doing this much less now.

Channie's on the go

Both sets of cards are a good size at around 4.5 x 5.5 inches. They are made of durable, fairly thick cardstock, so they should last a long time with careful use. We tried several dry-erase markers and all of them easily wipe clean from the cards. They are the perfect size for a purse or small book bag. We are on the go a lot! Having these cards means we don’t have to skip learning during appointments and such.

Our Thoughts…

Ruth (age 16)

“The cards are awesome! I practice my words and when I make a mistake, I just erase it and try again.”

Chris (mom)

“The flashcards we received are good quality, and I really love the visual handwriting area. My daughter is getting better with lining up the letters properly within each word.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though. Other Review Crew families have also been working hard to bring you a great review. Each family recieved different products to review, so I highly recommend you check out all of them! To do so simply click the link below.

Alphabet, Number & Sight Word Dry Erase, Neat Numbers & Page a Day 2 Didgit Multiplication. {Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math workbooks Reviews}
Handwriting help from Channie's

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