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Go On A Virtual Adventure With Heirloom Audio’s For The Temple (Review)

Is your’s a family that loves a good adventure story? Do your kids love books, but avoid them due to their struggles with reading? Are you in need of a way to engage your kids in school while on car trips? Then you may just want to check the audio adventures series by Heirloom Audio. Recently we were given the opportunity to review one of the newest in the series, For The Temple, and here is what we found…

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A Little Bit About Heirloom Audio

Heirloom Audio is a favorite in our family. They have created numerous audio adventures done in the style of the radio programs of old. Heirloom Audio uses decorated voice actors as well as great sound effects to bring the stories to life. We are typically used to the audio books with a single narrator, which can get a bit boring. The audio adventures are movie quality just without the video.

A Little Bit About For The Temple

Heirloom Audio’s For The Temple is a story by G.A. Henty that has been dramatized into an audio adventure. The story unfolds with a gentleman sitting at a local cafe in Paris, when a young man bumps into the gentleman’s case. A quick friendship ensues which leads to the gentlemen retelling the story of a young Jew named John and his daring attempts to save the Jewish Temple.

Although this story is a great way to learn about the ancient civilizations, it can also be used as an engaging Bible study. It has some great Biblical themes such as humility, coming when God calls you, and waiting on God’s timing.

A Little About The Plot…

Young John has the intention of taking over the family farm and marrying the girl he has known almost is whole life. But God has other plans, and calls him to be a warrior for his kingdom. Though John fights this just a bit, he does go where God calls, and ends up being one of the most revered soldiers in the Jewish army.

His future betrothed, Mary, must then be patient. She is forced to watch from afar as her love is put into many dangerous situations. Patience is not her best virtue, and several times she shows her displeasure at having to wait to be married to John.

One of the funniest moments in the story is when Mary begins telling John about a mighty Jewish soldier that is making strides against the Romans. She is certain this cannot be her John, and he is humble enough to let her believe this. Imagine her surprise when another character in the story tells her the truth. Her John is the mighty soldier after all.

A Little Bit About How We Used It

With all the travelling we do, it is nice to have a CD that you can pop into the car and begin doing school on the spot. This is how we use the audio adventures. For The Temple also comes with a printable study guide as well, but this was difficult for us to use while on the go.

The study guide would be great for those that are using the CD or digital download in their homes. If you are using the study guide, I would recommend having a hard copy of the book to follow along with. The audio recording does not stop at the end of a chapter to single when you should access the study guide. Because this is very engaging, it can be difficult to remember to stop for the study guide activities.

As I mentioned, we did not use the study guides, but we do use the adventure to bring up great discussions. Our family talked about how God equips those who are called. We loved how God chose a farmer to rise up against the Roman army. John even talks about how his skills as a farmer would not serve well as a soldier, but God knows better. All along the way, John is met with just the right people who give him exactly what he will need to move forward with God’s plan.

Our Thoughts…

Seth (age 13)

“What I liked about For the Temple was that it had funny parts. I liked the part where they were going to be doing a surprise attack on the Romans. They sort of irritated them and made them scared by using a horn. I also liked the real life-like sounds.”

Zach (age 16)

“It was very interesting. I think it was better than other audio books from other places. It was great!”

Ruth (age 16)

“I liked the way they talked. It was kind of like watching a movie.”

Chris (mom)

“I really love these adventures, and For the Temple did not disappoint. This story has humor, adventure, and a love story. What more can you ask for?”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though. Other members of the Review Crew have also been hard at work to bring you a great review. I highly recommend checking them out. To do just that, simple click the link below.

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