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Give Your Child The Keys To Become An Entrepreneur With The Kingdom Code (Review)

Do you remember having a lemonade stand when you were young? The thoughts of rolling in the money were at the root of every lemonade venture. However, none of my many stands really ever made any money. If you have a budding entrepreneur and you want to help them be successful, I have something for you. We do have a budding entrepreneur, and he was very excited to get to review The Complete Starter Kit from The Kingdom Code. Here is what we found…

A Little Bit About The Kingdom Code

The Kingdom Code was designed to teach children about money and entrepreneurship. Based in Christian principles, your child will learn about God’s view on money and business, as well as learn to apply this view to her own life. This is a very hands on approach to learning. Kids actually start their own viable business under the supervision of parents and/ or educators.

A Little Bit About The Complete Starter Kit

Just as the name implies, The Complete Starter Kit provides you with everything your student needs to start and manage a business God’s way. This kit contains the following items:


As with most textbooks, The Kingdom Code textbook provides the written instruction for this course. The book is spiral bound, full color and easy to read. It is also very interactive with terms to define, activities to complete, and various rewards to earn. It is recommended that students work through a lesson per week over two 45 minute sessions.

Student Packet

The student pack includes all the tools your child will need to complete this course. This includes KCK binder contents, student worksheets, student activity sheets, and sales folder contents. You need to add things like binders, folders and folder tabs as you organize the student packet materials.

Entrepreneur with Kingdom Code

Teacher’s Guide

The teacher’s guide provides the order and structure for the course. It very clearly outlines everything the student must do to complete each lesson. The teacher’s guide follows the exact same format as the student materials down to the icons. I personally love this feature, as it makes it much easier for me to follow.

Additional Items

We also received an additional item from The Kingdom Code – The Jr. KCK Budget Kit. This is great for younger children who are also interested in entrepreneurship, but are a bit young for the regular curriculum. It includes The Kingdom Code Coloring Book and the KCK Budget. My son gave these items to his sister, and she was thrilled.

How We Used This Product

Each week my son and I would sit down together for two sessions, each lasting about 45 minutes. We worked through each lesson plan in order. The one thing that we did skip was “putting on the full armor of God.”

My son is thirteen, and this seemed a bit childish for him. Instead, we talked through the pieces of armor and how they would help him be successful. The imagery of this activity is wonderful. However, actually putting on the armor is more for a younger audience.

Each lesson begins with a proclamation or discussion, then the student works through the worksheets and activities using the textbook. The course begins by having the budding entrepreneur build their tools (KCK Binder and Sales Folder). Then the student dives in creating his or her business.

The first step is brainstorming business ideas. This includes coming up with a list and working through the pros and cons of each until your entrepreneur narrows down to a single business idea or Treasure Builder. Then the student must complete contracts, create a business plan, and design marketing tools.

Once the behind the scenes work is complete, the real business begins. This includes doing the work of the business. In my son’s case, this means actually taking care of pets while clients are away. He has receipt books, ledgers, and additional supplies to help keep his business organized as he goes.

Once your entrepreneur has fully implemented the business, he or she is encouraged to start a new business if the first one fails. I really like this idea, as it shows the real side of owning your own business. Even the best businesses can fail, and having a plan for this is very helpful.

Entrepreneur with Kingdom Code

Our Thoughts…

Seth (age 13)

“I was really excited to get to use this curriculum, because I was already planning to start a babysitting business. But, as I went through the program, I found that there are actually plenty of service businesses to do. I decided to run a pet sitting business. My business is called Floppy Ears Pet Sitting. What I do is I go to a clients home and take care of their animals when they are away.

What I liked about this curriculum is that it is very visual and has a lot of graphics. However, the knight graphics were a bit juvenile. It gave me a lot of information about starting my own business and money management. This is definitely a curriculum I would recommend to others. I think that this is best for kids who are ages 8-13.”

Chris (Mom)

“This is a very comprehensive curriculum that allowed my young entrepreneur to get started with his business. It is easy to follow, well organized, and fun to implement. It would be great if The Kingdom Code would make this for older teens with a more mature feel to it. Overall, we are very pleased.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though. Other families on the Review Crew have also been working to bring you a great review. I highly recommend checking them out. To do so, simply click the link below.

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