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Get Your Kids Reading With Learning Dynamics (Review)

Many of you know the struggles that some kids go through to learn to read. We know this struggle in our house all too well. My daughter is unique in that she did not have access to school for the first 13 years of her life. This put her at a great disadvantage and significantly behind her peers. Add a speech impairment and an English language barrier, and now we have people thinking she is not smart enough to read. Along came Learning Dynamics Reading Program by Learning Dynamics, and we were thrilled to get to review this product and prove the naysayers wrong. Here is what we found…

A Little Bit About Learning Dynamics

Learning Dynamics is a company devoted to helping kids learn to read – even those kids that have struggled with other programs. In fact, they have a bold claim that students will see success in just four weeks. I know a lot of you have kids that really struggle with reading and have tried everything. If this sounds a bit too good to be true, I was with you until I tried their program with my daughter.

A Little Bit About Learning Dynamics Reading Program

Learning Dynamics Reading Program is a hands-on book curriculum that comes with a lesson manual, a workbook, flashcards, a music CD, fun reward cards, and quite a few easy-to-read books. The program is meant to last for about 15 minutes three times per week, so it really does not take up a lot of time.

Learning Dynamics Reading Program

It’s great for children that do not have a long attention span. Since my daughter is older, we did work a bit longer and completed a couple of lessons at each sitting. We also worked in the workbook four times per week instead of the recommended three times.

This program is designed for younger children, so if you have an older child like I do, you may find some of the items a bit juvenile. We did not use the music CD, as the songs were meant for a younger audience. However, the curriculum is awesome because you don’t have to use everything to see great results. This can easily be adapted for an older student who is struggling to read.

The best part of the Learning Dynamics Reading Program is that it is essentially reusable. Simply add a workbook and you can use the program over and over. The materials are good quality and should last a long time. Everything fits in a sturdy box that fits easily on a shelf. Please note that this is parent intensive, and not a program your child will complete independently.

How We Used This Product

Each morning, my daughter would get out her workbook, and I would get out my lesson manual. Then we would begin working through the lessons. Each lesson includes a letter, it’s pronunciation, a story featuring that letter, a song, and a workbook page. You can also complete an activity such as finding things in your home that begin with that lesson’s letter.

The program does not teach the letters in the order of the alphabet. Instead, it seems to teach the letters that will form certain word families first. Then after several lessons, books are introduced that fit the letters and sounds your child has been working with.

For example, the first books my daughter read have the letter a sounds. Each word within the books contains letters my daughter is familiar with. As we progressed through the lessons, she began putting her letter sounds to good use making simple words.

Learning Dynamics

I am happy to report that she can read the first two books pretty much independently. Her confidence has shot through the roof, and she feels so proud of her accomplishments. We have definitely had great results in just about 4 weeks time.

Our Thoughts…

Ruth (age 16)

“I liked learning the letters and the sounds, and I really like that I am reading books.”

Chris (mom)

“This program is quite comprehensive and will appeal to all learning styles. I am very happy for my daughter, as we can actually say that she can read some books now.”

Get your kids reading with Learning Dynamics

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