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Get Creative and Cure the Boredom With These Unique Art Projects

It’s spring!  The only trouble is it has been raining and muddy! If your kids are like mine, they are getting wiggly and cabin fever has gone into overdrive.  Like drive you up the wall kind of overdrive.  Am I right?  This is when parents really need to get creative.  Your sanity depends on it.  If you feel like you have tried absolutely everything to keep your kids busy, you may want to try these fun crafty ideas to break the boredom.

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Break out the silverware!

Yes, you heard me correctly.  Get out your silverware, maybe your cooking utensils too and get creative.  Your kids will have so much fun painting with things that are out of the ordinary.  We have been known to use whisks, potato mashers, sponges, forks and basting brushes.

Creative Art Supplies

Each one of these unique tools creates a fun and out of the ordinary imprint.  Your budding artists are sure to have fun blending the various prints into a masterpiece.  Just make sure that what you are using is either easily cleanable or purchased specifically to create art.

 Fork Art

Get out the spray bottle!

Watercolor does not have to be limited to a brush.  Instead, try using a spray bottle.  You will be able to create a really fun tie-dyed effect.  Place a washable watercolor tablet into a spray bottle and dissolve with water.  Before you get started with this project, make sure to protect furniture and clothing with something waterproof.  Place a piece of paper onto a protected surface and begin spraying the watercolor.  Your kids will have fun watching as the colors mix with each other.

My favorite thing to spray with watercolors is coffee filters.  The colors mix up in much more unique patterns.  If you use coffee filters, when you are done you can make beautiful flowers out of them.  Your kids can even make these for a Mother’s Day gift for grandma.

Painting with Strings

This is my personal favorite, because it allows you to get creative by makes such fun shapes and lines.  For this project you will need several colors of paint on plates and several foot-long lengths of string or yarn.  Dip the yarn into the first color of paint and then press it onto a piece of paper.  Repeat this process using many colors making creative shapes and lines with the strings.  You will want to use washable paint and protect furniture and clothing from getting messy.

string art

My kids spend hours with this project, getting the lines and shapes just right.  Your kids will love showing off their creations.  You can even choose colors that match their rooms and frame them for the wall.

If your family has been afflicted with the boredom monster, there is hope in your future.  With rainy spring weather and outside fun being sadly delayed, finding fun things to do has become increasingly challenging.  But, if you get creative and give them something fun and unusual to do, their boredom will disappear and your sanity will reappear.  Hopefully these unique art projects will do just that.

If you have a fun project that your family likes to do, please let us know in the comments!

get creative and end the boredom with these unique art projects

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