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Fun Family Christmas in Six Easy Steps Holiday Attire Kids Will Want To Wear

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Christmas has always been the best time to be a kid.  They love the traditions, they love the thought of Santa and his reindeer, and of course they love the presents.  For them, Christmas can’t come fast enough.  I have to admit that with all of the things going on in our family as of late, I have not felt the Christmas spirit like I have in years past.

The Christmas spirit is still going strong in the hearts of my kiddos though, and their love of all of our Christmas traditions has kept me going forward.  Each time another family tradition presents itself,  I watch how excited they get, and I get excited too.  I think that this might just be the reason for all those traditions we create as families this time of year.  Its what builds the Christmas spirit and our kids know that.

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One of my favorite holiday traditions is picking out the Christmas attire.  Every year, my boys wear holiday sweaters and my girls wear beautiful dresses.  On Christmas Eve the one present that my children get to open are their Christmas pajamas, and they really do look forward to that.  And of course I love seeing them in their warm, holiday pj’s too.

This tradition has carried on even with my adult children. Except now the cute sweaters have been traded in for the trendy ugly ones.  It still warms my heart when I see them carry on the traditions they grew up with.  I hope that when they have children they carry it on too.

Some parents, and maybe you too, have trouble getting their kids to wear their holiday clothing.  I have never had this issue.  I have always let my children pick out their own Christmas outfits, and so come December 25th, my kiddos are excited to put them on.

This is my best advice to parents struggling with getting their children to wear their holiday best.  Have them pick out the clothing, and have them try the clothes on to make sure there are no itchy tags or uncomfortable pieces they do not like.  If your kids like the clothes, chances are they will wear them on the big day.

I have always really loved the clothing options from Gymboree.  The quality is exceptional, and the materials seem to be more comfortable than other brands.  Since it is important to have the children pick out their holiday clothing, I thought it might be fun for you to see what my kids picked out this year!  The best part is that when you shop online, everything is 60% off, but this is only for a limited time, so don’t delay!

Gymboree Children’s Clothing


Here is my daughter’s PJ pick. These pj’s are so cute with Christmas colors, but can be worn all winter!
This is my boy’s top pick for Christmas! It is both trendy and festive!
This is my daughter’s top pick this year! Pretty and warm with a matching stocking hat for going to see the lights or caroling!
This is my son’s favorite in sleepwear!

Do you need just a little more Christmas spirit this year? Start with one family tradition and go from their. For me, holiday shopping tends to get me into the Christmas spirit. And of course nothing makes me more merry than a really good sale.  I highly recommend heading to the Gymboree sale to see how they can brighten your holidays!

Gymboree Sale On Now!

Fun Family Christmas in 6 Easy Steps - Holiday Attire Kids Will Want To Wear
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Fun Family Christmas in 6 Easy Steps - Holiday Attire Kids Will Want To Wear
Do you kids complain about itchy Christmas sweaters and uncomfortable dresses? Get some great ideas for Christmas clothing your children will actually want to wear!

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