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Fun Creative Springtime Play Ideas for Kids

Having creative play times with your little one is definitely one of the nicest parts of parenting. Putting aside the television and all the electronic devices for a while and really giving your kids a chance to reconnect with you, Use their imaginations and let off some steam. This is something that every family should aim for on a regular basis. But sometimes, finding fun, inclusive activities can be complicated. If you’re looking for some inspiring ways to introduce a creative play routine for toddlers and preschoolers, here are some ideas that will peel them away from their electronic devices.  You can give them some imaginative playtime activities that won’t break the bank with these creative springtime play ideas.

Children practicing their school subjects in a workbook

Let’s Go Fly A Kite


If you want to find an something for your kids to do that combines creative play, and outdoor activity then why not work together to design, make and fly your own kites? All you really need is some sturdy construction paper or card stock, a drinking straw or skewer, kite string, scissors and tape. A simple video tutorial will show you the way. Your pre-schooler can have fun choosing colours, shapes, stickers and ribbon to decorate the kite, all while learning basic engineering skills. Use the opportunity to have a conversation about the weather, and how the wind will make the kite fly, then head outdoors and test out your new creation. Spring time is the perfect time of year to give this fun activity a go!


Play Pretend Going On Vacation


Kids love the exciting feeling of going on family holiday – so why not pretend you’re all off somewhere exotic? Not only does this playtime idea fuel young imaginations, and involve a series of interlinked games to play, but it also teaches some practical life skills around planning – and a geography lesson if you like! Firstly, use a glob to let you child decide where in the world you’re going to go.

Use the moment to talk about what a place will be like – the food, the people and the traditions. After that, have them pack their essentials in a suitcase – what will they need to take with them? Create the layout of an airplane using chairs and cushions and your child can welcome ‘passengers’ (in the form of their toys!) on board. Make sure that you have some travel games ready to play ‘in-flight’ such as noughts and crosses.

Make a ‘beach’ out of blankets and cushions, and be sure to have some drinks and healthy fruit snacks while you visit. If you go to ‘Hawaii’ you could even have them learn a couple of simple tunes from Children can make and craft postcards to send to friends and family ‘back home’. You’ll have so much fun you’ll feel like you’ve really been away.


Make A Movie

A modern version of staging a play, why not have your kids make their own movie? First of all, they will need to write a short script, and ‘cast’ themselves, their friends and their toys in the roles. They could even draw out a storyboard with their crayons. Have them film what they’ve done with a camera, and older children could even have a go at editing their creations! Perfect for budding directors to show off their creative flair.

It does not really matter what you choose to do with your child, as long as you are making time to have fun with them on a regular basis.  Use these Creative Springtime Play Ideas to reconnect with your child today!

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