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Fun And Creative Ways To Encourage Your Child To Learn

Sometimes, relying on formal education is not enough to boost the creative nature of your kids. Whether you’re home-schooling your kids or taking them through the traditional educational system, your child is always your responsibility whenever they are at home. However, teaching your child does not mean you should create a classroom-like experience every time; otherwise, you may not be able to get them excited about their lessons. Beyond that, it will be very difficult to boost their creative minds through ‘formal’ teaching techniques. So, are you looking for ways to motivate your child to learn at home? Try the following fun activities.

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Practice writing

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Writing is a wonderful skill that kids will need throughout their lives. From a professional book writing career in the future to succeeding in an intellectual, academic paper, writing will help your child to communicate ideas and memories better. Using writing to encourage your kid to learn should go beyond a simple pencil and paper. Let them use creative and fun methods like connecting dots and tracing if you’re preparing them for schoolwork. You can also give them simple writing tasks at home to help them improve their penmanship.


We cannot mention writing and leave out reading now, can we? You can encourage your child to learn by reading to them and with them. Reading with your kids goes beyond merely bonding with your little one, as it also helps them develop an interest in reading. Try taking turns to read out loud to each other. No matter how old your kids are, they are never too old for some time together reading out loud. The older your child is, the more critical and informative reading will be for them. You can use a fun reading time to teach your kids about history, science, culture, and so much more.


Theatre and the performing arts have a beautiful way of capturing our minds and sending our imaginations running wild. And when it comes to children, the performing arts usually have a more significant impact on them. Fortunately, you do not need to be on a Broadway-theatre level to impress your kids with dramatization. So, go ahead and summon your inner John Travolta by using musicals and acting to encourage your kids to learn. 

You can also use visual arts in the same manner. Painting, poster making, drawing, and even photography are all creative and fun ways to motivate your little one.

Attempt science experiments at home

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You don’t need a fully equipped laboratory to try some basic science experiments at home, or to be the next Bill Nye the Science Guy to encourage your child to learn with some simple science experiments. But you do need to put in place the right safety measures to ensure that no one gets hurt. Stay away from complicated experiments if you lack experience or training. If you have pre-schoolers, you don’t need to do much as simple experiments should be more than enough. 

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