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Four Fun Umbrella Crafts Your Kids Can Make

In every summer a little rain must fall. When this happens it can really put a damper on the day. More than once this summer, we have had the choice to either cancel our plans or push through the raindrops and have fun. Umbrellas are a wonderful tool aren’t they? Let’s celebrate the umbrella with some fun and easy umbrella crafts!

Art Supplies

The Paper Fan Umbrella

To make this craft, you will need white paper, colors, colored pencils or markers, construction paper, stapler, scissors and glue. You can add additional craft supplies as decorations if you would like.

Begin your craft by coloring a picture on a white piece of paper. Patterns tend to work the best, as this will be made into a fan later on. If you create a picture with lots of detail, this will be lost when the paper is folded.

Fan Umbrella

After you have your picture finished, begin folding the paper back and forth into a fan. While the paper is still folded, fold it one more time in the middle. Staple or tape the middle fold to hold the fan together. Open the fan so you can see the picture. This will become the top to your umbrella.

Next you will need a colored piece of construction paper. Darker colors tend to work the best. On the paper, place the handle to the umbrella. You can either cut this out of another piece of construction paper and glue it or draw it directly onto the paper.

Fan Umbrella

Next, glue the umbrella top above the handle making sure a little bit of the top of the handle is covered. You are now ready to decorate around your umbrella. Any craft supplies can be used for the decorations.

Fan Umbrella

Feet Under An Over-sized Umbrella

For this craft you will need various colors of construction paper, scissors and glue. You can also add any other crafts supplies to be used as decorations for you picture.

Begin by folding a full sheet of construction paper in half so it looks like a birthday card. Begin at the top of the fold and cut a curved line making half of an umbrella top. Across the straight edge on the bottom, cut a scalloped line similar to the bottom of an umbrella. Open the cut paper and it should look like the top of an umbrella.

Feet Under Umbrella

Set the umbrella top aside and with a new color of construction paper, cut two strips of paper about an inch wide and 3 inches long. Place these aside and using a third color of construction paper, cut out two shoe shaped pieces of paper.

Next, get out a piece of construction paper a different color from the ones used so far. Begin gluing the cut pieces to your new construction paper starting with the strips for legs and the shoes for feet. Glue the umbrella top so that it covers just the top of the legs. You are now ready to begin decorating your picture.

Rainbow Coffee Filter Umbrella

For this craft you will need a coffee filter, various colors of food coloring, water, an eye dropper, construction paper, colors, and glue. You can add additional craft supplies as decorations for your project.

Begin by spreading out a coffee filter onto a water proof surface such as a cookie sheet. Then add a few drops of food coloring into a small container of water. Baby food containers work well for this.

Coffee Filter Umbrella

Using an eye dropper, begin dropping various colors of water onto the coffee filter. Please note that the colors will mix. This is part of the fun and you can use this technique to teach color blending.

Once you have finished “coloring” the coffee filter, set it aside to dry. This typically doesn’t take very long. While you wait, either draw or make from paper an umbrella handle and add it to a piece of construction paper.

Coffee Filter Umbrella

When the coffee filter has dried, you may fold it in half to make a half circle shape. This will become the top to your umbrella. Glue the coffee filter umbrella top to the handle. Decorate around your umbrella with your additional craft supplies.

“It’s In The Bag”

To make this craft, you will need a large, clear, zip lock bag, several colors of permanent marker, black construction paper, white paper, white card stock, scissors and colors, markers or colored pencils.

Begin by placing the white sheet of paper inside the plastic bag. Then draw an umbrella scene on the outside of the bag using just the permanent markers.

Bag Umbrella

Remove the white sheet of paper and replace it with the black sheet of construction paper. Set this aside.

Now you will need to draw a flashlight with light rays onto card stock. Leave the rays white and color the flashlight any color you wish. When you have the flashlight the way you want it, cut it out including the white rays.

Bag Umbrella

Place the ray portion of the flashlight inside the bag but on top of the black construction paper. It will appear that the flashlight is lighting up your umbrella picture.

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