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Five Sports You Can Enjoy with Your Whole Family this Summer

When it comes to days out and short breaks with your family, you might want to stay fit.  This summer you can include the whole family too. While you may need to limit your choices some, there are certain activities that are suitable for everyone.  Even small children or family members with a disability can happily join in. If you are just about to plan your summer activities, check out the below list for family exercise ideas.  Take a look at these five sports you can enjoy with your whole family this summer.  


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Bike Rides

No matter if you end up in a holiday village or on the beach, biking can be great fun.  Even if you don’t own your own, you can rent a suitable bike for every family member and go on a ride together. You will not only enjoy the great scenery and conversations, but also connect with each other on a new level. You will find kids’ bikes with extra safety features can be hired at most resorts.  With biking you can all go on exploring the surrounding area without having to jump in the car.

There are many places that offer handicap accessible biking options as well. This includes attachments that will turn a standard wheelchair into a self-propelling bike.  For a listing of handicap accessible bike trails, visit TrailLink.



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Even small kids can learn some rowing when on holiday by the beach or the river. You should look for suitable rental and training centers near the water.  They will provide you with an introductory course.  This way you can stay safe on the water and have loads of fun. You might simply compete with each other in teams.  It can also be to let the little kids take care of the navigation of the boat. No matter which option you choose, pack plenty of sunscreen.

You might be surprised to learn that there are accessible kayaks. There are even specialized kayaking equipment for those with disabilities.  If you happen to live in an area with water, kayaking may be something your family will want to explore.  If someone in your family has limitations needing accommodations, you may want to check out the ACA website to learn more.

Take a look at these five sports you can enjoy with your whole family this summer.

Rock Climbing

If you love climbing, you will find that there are great indoor climbing centers.   Here your kids can learn the basic safety tips and moves to become competent rock climbers. Once the introductory course is over, you can go on and practice your skills outdoors. You will have to invest in some safety equipment. This will include the best rock climbing shoes for all family members.  Picking out equipment that provides the most safety and functionality is the best.  Yes, you will have an initial investment, but it will be worth it.  After all you will have loads of fun and make great memories together as a family.

Rock climbing can be fun for those of all abilities.  There may even be an adaptive climbing program near you.  If you are interested in adaptive climbing, check out the Disabled Sports USA website for more information.


You may not want to go on a course and invest money in specialist equipment.  In this case, you can simply choose a sport that only requires a racket or two. You can teach your kids to live a healthy lifestyle by introducing them to some fun sports that will make them love the outdoors.  They may even forget that they are actually getting fit. Badminton can be played anywhere.  Provided that there is no wind, Badminton can easily be play by anyone.  All you need to pack is a couple of rackets and a badminton ball.  

The nice thing about Badminton is that it can be played by anyone.  You can easily adapt this game for those in a wheelchairs as well.  Since it can be played on a tennis court this makes for a  quick adaptation for wheelchair play.  You will find tennis courts have wheelchair friendly surfacing and the net is a lot lower.  When playing in mixed company, you may want the non-wheelchair players to be on their knees.



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Once on the beach, we all tend to curl up with a book or go for walks.  This is great for relaxation, but not so great for getting fit.  What if this summer you tried something new? Volleyball is a great beach exercise that is both fun and fast-paced enough to appeal to kids. You can rent a court on the beach or simply set yours up in the backyard.  You will love getting fit without having to go to the gym in the summer heat.  This can be a great way for families to get together in the summer to have even more players.  

Our local beaches have volleyball courts to use for free.  If you look around your community, you may be able to find free options as well.  Since volleyball is a team sport keeping players in one general area, it can be great for wheelchairs too.  If you need a lower intensity, try a blow-up beach ball.  We keep one of these in the car to use when the opportunity arises.

Five Sports You Can Enjoy with Your Whole Family this Summer

If you are a busy mom like me, it is often a challenge to find family friendly exercise.  Finding physical activities that can be adapted can be even more challenging.  Try these five sports you can enjoy with your whole family this summer.


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