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Finding The Right Trusted Professionals for Your Special Needs Child

Having children with special needs often presents a lot of challenges in life, especially when you are a new parent. The extra needs your child has will be much stricter than those of a typically developing child  This translates into  extra work and an emotional roller coaster that is hard to escape from. Of course, there are plenty of professionals out there to help you. But, if you are like me, this presents a bigger problem; trust. Finding the right trusted professional for your special needs child can be very difficult.  You know your child better than anyone, and it can be very scary to bring others into your circle.  To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the tools which can be used to backup the trust you have for the professionals in your child’s life.

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Research, Research, Research…

One of the best things you can do to begin building trust with a professional in your child’s life is research. Medical professionals in specialized fields will often have their own websites, and this gives you a great window into their expertise. Here, you should be able to find information about their work, testimonials from past patients, and even resources which they’ve created themselves like This Nurse Anesthetist Infographic

Some of these sorts of websites which be much more geared towards selling, though. When a doctor is unwilling to share the information you need on this sort of platform, it is usually best to start looking for someone else. They shouldn’t be helping your child so that they can make loads of money; they should do it through passion.

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One of the scariest times in my life was when our tiny daughter had to undergo a heart cath to repair a collateral vessel in her heart.  We had only adopted her from Eastern Europe a few months prior.  We had had very little time to get to know her.  Though she was almost ten years old, she weighed just 27 pounds and was only 38 inches tall, all due to the severe neglect she received in the orphanage.  It took a lot of trust to give her up to the anesthetist who would make her sleep and the cardiologist who would repair her heart.  It was wonderful to have resources available so that we could check out the professionals and how they would perform the procedure.  

You Can Find A Review For Anything…

It may seem silly to look for a review on a doctor, therapist or school, but they are out there.  Did you know that Google even has a rating for all of Earth’s oceans? So, you can bet that the professional you are looking to work with has a rating as well. While it may seem strange to treat this sort of field in a similar way to a restaurant or product, it makes sense to look for other people’s experiences with the professionals you plan to use.  This can give you peace-of-mind as well as a clear insight into their trustworthiness. You should be able to find basic reviews on websites like Google by simply searching for the business. Along with this, though, local forums and social media groups can also be very useful, as they will give you the chance to ask direct questions to other parents.

Conduct An Consult or Interview…

Finally, it will be time to actually talk to the person you’re considering working with directly. In today’s world, there are tons of professionals out there.  Because of this, the person you speak with most likely will not be the only choice available. You should feel comfortable with who your child sees. The best way to ease your mind is to meet the professional in person. 

While you can start to build a feeling of trust through the resources you find online, you will always get the best idea of how you feel about someone when you see them. They need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of the issues your child faces and the treatments which can help them.  They will also have to know how to deal with a young person. It’s always best to aim to find a professional who can stick with your child for as long as possible. Some will only be willing to treat the youngest of patients, while others will want to work with older children, and you will need to find a middle ground. 

When you attend this first meeting, bring a list of questions and concerns. This way you can see how he or she responds.  If after meeting them, you feel comfortable with them working with your child, you can schedule more appointments.  But, if you don’t, keep looking.  You know your child best.  To settle for someone you don’t trust will not make anything better.  Finding that right person can be difficult at first, but will make life so much easier in the long run.  

Finding The Right Trusted Professionals for Your Special Needs Child

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into building trust with your child’s professionals. When you are dealing with special needs, having this sort of support will be invaluable.  But, you will need to work hard to get it. Finding the right trusted professional for your special needs child will make all the difference.

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